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One Year Old - Theodore Parker Roundy

Everyone says it but now I know they truly mean it, how is he one?! I still remember very clearly those 30 hours in the hospital before Theodore joined our family. 

In the last year, I have learned so much from Theodore. I'm pretty sure I cry a lot more now, I've learned what being fulfilled really means, my heart has definitely grown three sizes and learned to slow down and just be, and how to enjoy the small things. 

Everyone says he is a good mixture of the both of us but I really see his dad. He has my chin and eyes and he has his dad's everything else. Especially his hair!

I always say this but it is 100% true, he loves the outdoors. He can be in the worst mood and you walk outside and he goes quiet. If he sees an open door he'll book it right outside as fast as possible.

He is the most curious little guy. He studies people's faces in a way I've never seen. Looks up and around at everything. If you're holding him he always turns his body away from you so he can look around.

He eats like a grown child. Even Blake and I who are both big eaters are incredibly impressed by his appetite. 

He really doesn't play with toys, he is much more content raiding the kitchen drawers and pretending to cook. 

He always says da da, says mama when he is sad, and babbles on and on all the time. 

He is forgiving in a way I hope I can be someday. Smarter than I'll ever be. And just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

He is our best and greatest adventure, my best friend and we are incredibly blessed to have him in our lives!

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