UA-114812973-16 Well Rounded: 8 Months - Theodore Parker Roundy

8 Months - Theodore Parker Roundy

I know every month I say I can't believe he is ____ old. But every month I feel the same! He is less than 4 months away from being a year old! How did this even happen?!

He is becoming more and more of a little boy every day. He has started moving like crazy. Blake really wanted him to crawl and I promised him he would by Christmas, and what do you know, I was right! It is a crawl/army crawl but we love it. Now that he has figured out moving I've started a hashtag called #placesifindtheo, because he wants to be everywhere and anywhere.

His newest thing is that he loves water. That kid might be able to beat me in a chugging contest and that is something. He loves his grandparents and last night we discovered he loves balls (can't say I'm sad about this one at all). 

He is sleeping through the night, with an occasional wake up at 3:30 am but not even a problem when he sleeps through 90% of the time!

As you'll see from these pictures he has developed quite the faces. It cracks us up! He loves to stare people down!

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