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7 Months - Theodore Parker Roundy

I could write for days all the amazing things about Theo. Just in this last month, he has gone from a baby to a little kid in my eyes, well a little kid who still refuses to crawl. But it is okay, we love him anyway. 

He sits up like a big boy now, which makes everything in life easier. He loves his dad more and more each day. He has two little teeth and eats more food than most babies. I think he'd eat all day if we left him in his high chair and just kept feeding him. And his thighs show it! The other day Blake had him laying on his belly naked and his little bum and all the rolls on his thighs looked like a croissant haha!

He laughs so much and just lights up our world! I still do a late night feeding with him (around 11 pm) and it is our favorite. Dad comes in also and we get in all the cuddles and laughs that we can. He cuddles and then he'll open his eyes and give you this half awake smile that about kills us. We love it, even if it means we go to bed late. 

I still stand by the fact that he is the most curious little guy. He is never holding still (which you can see by the blur in the below pictures) and always wanting to be looking around. In his stroller, he is always trying to sit up so he can see more, in his car seat I always see him trying to strain his neck to see more out the window. I love his curiosity and I can't wait till he can express it with words!

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