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Finding Fall

We've had the best fall I've ever experienced in Washington this year. It hasn't rained in weeks which means the trees still have their beautiful colored leaves. There are also so many more trees with colorful leaves in Tacoma than in Lacey, where I grew up.

But the weatherman is saying the rain is coming next week so we headed to Wright Park to get our fill. Even though I see the colors every day when I go on a walk or run. It really has made me love fall this year!

Wright Park is this beautiful park with huge trees from all over the world. Each tree has a plaque with the name and its origin. We don't get to it as much as we'd like but when we do it is always so beautiful!

Life outdoors is my favorite. Life outdoors with Blake and Theodore is even better. I can't wait till I'm chasing him through these parks. Watching him chase the birds, looking at the trees, discovering what Blake and I already love so much. I can already see in his eyes that he'll love it!

Living in Tacoma has recharged my love for the outdoors. We live in such a beautiful spot, so close to some even more beautiful places. Every time I go out to run and see the beautiful views with less than a mile away I can't believe how blessed we are to be here. How beautiful this world is and how grateful that my Heavenly Father created it for me. And for you.

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