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5 Months - Theodore Parker

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload because this little dude is the CUTEST! I put him down for bed tonight and I've spent the past 20 minutes looking at pictures of him (yes, I've become that crazy mom). Little dude is 5 months (and one week)!!

He has started to really show his personality over the past few weeks. The most curious little guy, he has to always be looking around. Which is probably why he doesn't cuddle, he can't hold still long enough. 

Loves to be moving, jumping, rolling, kicking, you name it and he is doing it! And unless he is tired or hungry he is probably smiling. We really feel so blessed to have such a happy baby. I need to get him a shirt that says "smiling is my favorite". 

He hasn't started eating food yet but we've let him suck on bites of apples and he can't get enough. He also watches people eat like a hawk. Needless to say, I think he is ready to get some of the goodness into his belly soon. 

Last week we were in Las Vegas and because we were surrounded by family I didn't get to hold him as often. So my favorite thing ever was when I'd walk by and he'd hear my voice and immediately would turn to find me and then smile. Talk about melting my heart! And let's talk about how he feels about his dad. He could recognize his dad's voice across the room! I constantly find him just staring at his dad waiting for him to look at him, and as soon as Blake looks and says "hi" Theo about loses his mind with excitement. They are definitely best buds!

This little dude has stolen our hearts and has us completely wrapped around his tiny little finger. 

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