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4 Months - Theodore Parker

Not quite sure I'm ready to admit it but...THEO IS 4 MONTHS!!! WHAT?! He gets more and more of a defined personality each day. He laughs, talks, rolls, and smiles at everyone. 

I think sometimes I go out and about just so I can show him off because, guys, that face. It is adorable. I love him more and more each day (if that is possible). 

He has had an adventurous month. Went to Utah, Lagoon, the Zoo, blueberry picking, met more of his aunts and uncles and was loved on like crazy! 

I think my favorite thing is when Theo hears his dad's voice and then finds his face. His little face lights up! Sure I want to be the number one in his life but if I lose first place to Blake I'm okay with it because seeing these two together is my favorite!

 His cousin Vincent loved singing songs to him.

 Erica and I were pregnant at the same time - they are just 2 weeks apart!

 Chilling at Lagoon with Grandpa Roundy

 Uncle Riley

First of many shoulder rides 

Theodore Parker Roundy
Height: 2 ft 1.31 inches Weight: 14 lb 2.5 oz Head: 16.81" - 50% percentile 

- Loves to smile and laugh
- Always watching what is going on around him. Super attentive. 
- Favorite color is red
- Moving like crazy - he has learned to roll and now it is hard to keep him on his back
- Still loves all things outdoors
- His new favorite thing is to chew on any blankets left around him

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