UA-114812973-16 Well Rounded: 3 Months with Theodore

3 Months with Theodore

Theodore is three months and it has been the absolute best three months of our lives! He is becoming so interactive and so full of life. Today he has had a few firsts. He finally was able to suck on just one finger, I'm 95% positive he actually giggled today. 

He has had a busy month too! Last week he got to spend the whole week with 11 of his cousins. Three of them were born in the past year and they are all boys. He loved all the love, but I can tell he is loving the quiet because he has become chattier than ever. We also moved out of our apartment and I think he handled it like a champ. 

I'm pretty sure I love my little dude more and more every day. Even if he is getting heavier and heavier ;). Seriously, he is turning into quite the chunk and we love every little roll on his chubby little legs. 

Theodore Parker Roundy

- Smiles so much, mostly in the morning
- Going through some crazy growth spurts
- Took a bottle for the first time when grandma Burton watched him when I went to the Mormon Tabernacle concert
- Loves hanging out with his cousins
- Bath time and looking at trees are his favorite activities, a boy after my own heart

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