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I've never been more excited to celebrate Father's Day and let me tell you I'm a big fan of my dad so I usually am pretty excited. 

But there is something so special about seeing your husband become a father. I loved the guy bucket loads before we had our little dude but when I saw him holding him for the first time it increased even more. Each time I see him sit on the floor talking to him it increases even more. When he says to me, "can I just cuddle him for a little bit?" my heart basically melts. 

Blake is the most wonderful father and dad. He loves Theodore like no other and he has so much fun with him, even if he is only 2 months old. I'm already counting down the days where I can see them wrestling and laughing together. I always joke that I can't handle having two Blakes, but let's be honest here, I can't wait! 

When I think how lucky Theodore is, and our future kids are, to have Blake as their father I'm so dang grateful! They are going to be loved like no other, they will laugh harder than they could have imagined, they will have the example of a hard working strong priesthood holder and they will learn to serve in a way I could never teach them. 

What makes me sad is that I'm raising my little boy in a world where women think they are the future. Where they think they run the world. Don't get me wrong I think women are incredibly important to the future, but not without men. I believe the man's role is just as important as the women's (something I'm sure I'll post about later). 

So Happy Father's day to our Rad Dad's. To our husband's and our father's. Without them, none of us would be here, and without my father, I would never have learned how a man should treat his wife, how to work hard and serve others, and the thousands of other things my father taught me! 

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