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My 5 Favorite Baby Items

My 5 Favorite Items for my Newborn
When you are preparing to have a baby it is a little overwhelming because everyone tells you all the millions of things you HAVE TO HAVE. So you register for it all!! But let me tell you a don't need most of it!

My husband and I don't like clutter, we live in a tiny apartment, and just in the past eight weeks of our little dude's life, we've learned what we don't actually need for our little guy. Sadly a good amount of things have gone to waste. 

I don't want to give you the long list of everything you need, but here are the five things we can't live without!

1. Velcro Swaddles - We only had one when little dude was born and learned quickly that they are THE BEST and we ordered 3 more. All the blanket swaddles are great, but they just aren't as secure for nap/sleep time, or as user-friendly. 

2. 5 in 1 Nursing Cover - This has made feeding in public sooo much easier, something that terrified me. Plus you can use it as a car seat cover, scarf, small blanket, shopping cart cover etc. So instead of needing 5 different things when you go out, you just need one.  And Copper Pearl's are so soft (I also have their burp rags and those are really soft too!)!  

3. Nuk Pacifier - I'll admit, I was one of those ladies who said: "my kid won't use binkies". I was so wrong. And this brand has been our favorite. Our little dude has loved them and it stays in a lot easier than other ones. 

4. Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub - Okay we didn't want a big tub because like I said, our apartment is tiny. But a great friend gifted us this and we decided to try it out. We use it every single night! Theodore loves it and we don't feel like we're trying to hold him up throughout the whole bath. The little seat in it does wonders. He can just chill there on his own!

5. Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife - Okay bear with me on this one. My sister-in-law gave me this for the little scissors to use as nail clippers. She is a great mom so I trusted her but was a little skeptical. Not anymore, we love them! Blake actually does the nail clipping on our little dude and he says they are so easy and he is never scared he'll cut his skin. 

So get what you want but I'm telling you, I wouldn't share these five items if I didn't REALLY LOVE them! 

What are your have to have newborn items?

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