UA-114812973-16 Well Rounded: Family Comes to Town & Tacoma Parks

Family Comes to Town & Tacoma Parks

We don't get to see Blake family as often as we'd like since they live in Las Vegas and we are up here in Washington. So it is a big treat when we get to see both of his parents in one weekend! We were so excited to have them up here for Theodore's blessing.

While they were here we showed them the many parks of Tacoma that we have come to love. To say that I got my steps in this weekend is an understatement! 

We visited Titlow Beach, Point Defiance Park and Chamber's Bay! These are our three favorite and where we always take people when they come and visit. 

Titlow Beach has a great beach to walk along, trails to explore, and a great playground and splash park! Not to mention a beautiful view of the Narrows Bridge

Point Defiance Park has sooo much! It has a great 5-mile drive that almost feels like you're driving through the Redwoods. There are multiple trails, and a great beach called Owen's beach that is great for families!

Chamber's Bay is where we go the most. They have a great walking trail that goes around the golf course, also great for running. There is a bridge that takes you down to the beach as well. The view is AMAZING!

Okay, enough about the parks. We LOVED having our family here and wish it would have been a longer visit - but so glad they came at all! And Theodore was in heaven being held all weekend long.

Family picture at Titlow Beach

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