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2 Months with Theodore

Super late on this post but Theodore turned 2 months on June 16th! It is really crazy that he is been in our family for so long and yet so short. We can't even handle how much we love them! He has become the happiest little guy. The mornings are THE best. He is so happy and chatty. And it is the most beautiful smile I've ever seen!

I didn't really think he was super big but turns out he is on the larger side - 50% percentile across the board, except his head, that is 58%. 

He even went on his first trip, all the way to Florida! He slept all the way there (it was a red-eye flight) and was even super great on the way back. 

We really have the greatest baby around. We can't believe he is ours!

Height: 22.76" Weight: 11 lb 15.5 oz Head: 15.95" - 50% percentile 

- Loves to smile and sort of giggle
- Really starting to track and watch what is going on around him
- Loves looking at the color red
- Sleeping through the night!!! Goes to sleep around 10:30ish and wakes up around 8 am. 
- Getting so chunky, I can't even handle the little rolls
- Loves to just lay on the floor and look around
- Loves hanging out with his dad
- He is wearing 0-3 months clothes still (barely) but fits some of his 3-6 months clothes. It's those chunky legs :).

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