UA-114812973-16 Well Rounded: Bumpdate: 37.5 Weeks

Bumpdate: 37.5 Weeks

37.5 Weeks Pregnant

I can't believe I'm almost to 38 weeks! It still doesn't feel real and probably won't till we are driving to the hospital. Blake is done with finals on Wednesday so he'll finish up the baby dresser (Wait till you see it. It looks so good!!!) and we can really start setting up our little guys area. I've been trying to get prepared by packing my hospital bag and diaper bag but not a lot of luck. I use half of the things that go in my hospital bag on a daily basis so it might end up with me throwing things in as we rush out the door (insert wide-eyed emoji here). 

Blake said he is now ready and the baby can come anytime which is why we've been going out walking daily, but something tells me this little guy isn't coming early or on time. But with my luck, I'm probably wrong. 

Cravings: Does everything count? But really it is different every day and ranges from ice to chips and salsa. I think my most constant craving though has been spicy food!

Best Moment This Week: I tried running today and it felt horrible but really good at the same time. I tried describing it to Blake and I said, "Imagine you have a 30 lb weight on your core and then you tried to run." It was nice to move like that but boy did it hurt my legs. 

Symptoms: I can't sit for longer than 10 minutes due to severe rib pain. Nausea if I don't eat enough, or often enough and the wonderful heartburn. And he is always moving around! 

Labor Signs: Since I've never had a baby I'm not quite sure but I think I've had a handful of contractions, but again I don't know if they are real contractions or just feeling uncomfortable. I guess I won't know till they start happening constantly. He definitely hasn't dropped yet, well at least I don't think so!

Wedding Rings On or Off: Off :( Luckily my feet haven't swollen but when I go walking (which is daily) my fingers tend to swell up, especially on warmer days. 

Looking Forward To Once Baby Comes: Snuggles, non-maternity clothes, and being able to sit up on my own without the struggle. I could list many more things :).

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