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#thankfultuesday - Abundant Thinking

Picture with text: Abundant thinking is full of gratitude for what you have
1. That my friend who has been living in a tiny apartment could buy a house that would shorten her husband's commute and give her little girl room to run!
2. That my sister's baby is almost due so she can be pain-free again after a difficult pregnancy.
3. That Blake get's to learn and grow so much while in school.
4. That one of my pregnant friends just barely started to experience the back pain that I've been struggling with for so long. 
5. That my mom has been able to start driving again after her shoulder surgery.
6. For our friend who got a dream job to go work at Disneyland and live in California.
7. That Blake got free time last week to do some woodworking, something he loves.
8. That my niece and nephews (and Blake) got to have so much fun at the trampoline place on Saturday.
9. That the young women who promised the elders they would come to church, came!
10. That I got to use my #thankfultuesday this week to be grateful and delight in the joys of others. 

Whose abundance are you delighting in this week?

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