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2018 New Years Resolutions

2018 New Year's Resolutions in February
If you remember back at the beginning of this month I posted about how I decided I didn't want to set my new year's resolutions just yet. I wanted to take the month of January to really self-reflect on what I want for this year and where I want to grow and challenge myself.

I'm really proud of myself to say that I didn't totally bail on this, I actually spent time really thinking about where I'm at currently, what is on the books for this year and how I hope to change and grow throughout it. So here we go!

Word of the year:

Glorious - You're probably thinking, "WHAT?! How is that a word for the year?". It is a bit unconventional from the standard words you see floating around (all good words, just seen frequently). But as I was listening to "This is Me" from The Greatest Showman on my way to work (because who isn't listening to that on repeat?) and the line where that says, "I know that there's a place for us. For we are glorious", hit me really hard. No, I don't have a beard, I'm not what you'd call weird or out of place but this stood out to me for a different reason.

I'm pretty dang hard on myself. I had to quit my job early because of a rough 1st trimester, I sometimes spend my whole day in sweats, sometimes I sit and worry about what others think of me, and sometimes I eat a whole bag of flaming hot Cheetos in a week. And after each of those things, I'll beat myself up for not being my best, not looking cute enough, or not eating a salad instead. But glorious just hit me so hard. It is okay! It is okay that I sometimes miss the mark and am not perfect. Instead of beating myself up, I want to see myself as a glorious daughter of God (not in a cocky, 'holier than thou' way). As a girl who is just taking one day at a time to be better, no matter what others may or may not say! 

So this year I'm going to choose to see myself as glorious, I'm going to live a glorious year, and I'm going to let myself be me and love me for just that. I'm going to let my Heavenly Father take me by the hand and help me grow and worry about what He thinks, and only He thinks. Because let's be honest, all those things we think people are thinking or saying about us probably aren't actually being said or thought. But even if they are, who cares. What matters is that I think I'm glorious and that even though sometimes I'm not at the top of my game, I'm still trying to grow and become better and that is all that matters. And shoot, I'm having a baby this year, if that isn't glorious I don't know what is!


- TV Last: Sometimes it is a lot easier to just turn on the TV instead of picking up a book, exercising or getting some work done (I work from home now) etc. and I'm guilty of it more often than not. So my goal this year is before I reach for the remote to think to myself, "is there something else I could be doing that would be better for my day?". I started this and all though I'm still not perfect my days have been so much more full and productive! 
- Journaling: I usually write in my journal once a week or even sadly once a month but this year I took the pressure off of writing a lot and have taken time to write 2-3 times a week. Long entry or short entry it doesn't matter, I'm just making sure to write something about my thoughts, day, life. I really want my kids and grandkids to have records of my life and so I better get better at this! My TV Last habit has really helped with this one! 
- Serving: I tend to think of myself first and so lately (and the #LightTheWorld campaign that the LDS Church did in December really helped with this) I've been consciously thinking who/how can I serve this week/day/month. 
- Moving: I'm in my third trimester and already ready to burn off this baby weight. But since I can't do that just yet I've made the goal to just move each day. Whether that means I just go for a walk, do squats while I'm watching a show, stretch while reading or many other things I'm just making sure I'm moving. And obviously, my moving will get a little more exciting once April rolls around :). 

I've always been horrible at keeping my new year's resolutions but by spending the month of January really pondering how I want to change and be better I can already feel these habits and my word sticking. I've never been more excited to see how my year looks come December 31, 2018!

Are you still keeping your new year's resolutions??

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