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8 Months - Theodore Parker Roundy

I know every month I say I can't believe he is ____ old. But every month I feel the same! He is less than 4 months away from being a year old! How did this even happen?!

He is becoming more and more of a little boy every day. He has started moving like crazy. Blake really wanted him to crawl and I promised him he would by Christmas, and what do you know, I was right! It is a crawl/army crawl but we love it. Now that he has figured out moving I've started a hashtag called #placesifindtheo, because he wants to be everywhere and anywhere.

His newest thing is that he loves water. That kid might be able to beat me in a chugging contest and that is something. He loves his grandparents and last night we discovered he loves balls (can't say I'm sad about this one at all). 

He is sleeping through the night, with an occasional wake up at 3:30 am but not even a problem when he sleeps through 90% of the time!

As you'll see from these pictures he has developed quite the faces. It cracks us up! He loves to stare people down!

7 Months - Theodore Parker Roundy

I could write for days all the amazing things about Theo. Just in this last month, he has gone from a baby to a little kid in my eyes, well a little kid who still refuses to crawl. But it is okay, we love him anyway. 

He sits up like a big boy now, which makes everything in life easier. He loves his dad more and more each day. He has two little teeth and eats more food than most babies. I think he'd eat all day if we left him in his high chair and just kept feeding him. And his thighs show it! The other day Blake had him laying on his belly naked and his little bum and all the rolls on his thighs looked like a croissant haha!

He laughs so much and just lights up our world! I still do a late night feeding with him (around 11 pm) and it is our favorite. Dad comes in also and we get in all the cuddles and laughs that we can. He cuddles and then he'll open his eyes and give you this half awake smile that about kills us. We love it, even if it means we go to bed late. 

I still stand by the fact that he is the most curious little guy. He is never holding still (which you can see by the blur in the below pictures) and always wanting to be looking around. In his stroller, he is always trying to sit up so he can see more, in his car seat I always see him trying to strain his neck to see more out the window. I love his curiosity and I can't wait till he can express it with words!

Finding Fall

We've had the best fall I've ever experienced in Washington this year. It hasn't rained in weeks which means the trees still have their beautiful colored leaves. There are also so many more trees with colorful leaves in Tacoma than in Lacey, where I grew up.

But the weatherman is saying the rain is coming next week so we headed to Wright Park to get our fill. Even though I see the colors every day when I go on a walk or run. It really has made me love fall this year!

Wright Park is this beautiful park with huge trees from all over the world. Each tree has a plaque with the name and its origin. We don't get to it as much as we'd like but when we do it is always so beautiful!

Life outdoors is my favorite. Life outdoors with Blake and Theodore is even better. I can't wait till I'm chasing him through these parks. Watching him chase the birds, looking at the trees, discovering what Blake and I already love so much. I can already see in his eyes that he'll love it!

Living in Tacoma has recharged my love for the outdoors. We live in such a beautiful spot, so close to some even more beautiful places. Every time I go out to run and see the beautiful views with less than a mile away I can't believe how blessed we are to be here. How beautiful this world is and how grateful that my Heavenly Father created it for me. And for you.

Anna Maria Island, Florida

On Blake's last day of school back in June, we flew to Florida to see Blake's Grandpa! We took a red-eye flight, and while initially, I thought it would be a horrible idea it ended up being the best idea because Theodore slept the whole way!

It was really the best trip. The beach was wonderful, food was fantastic and we had such a great time with Grandpa. I couldn't get over how warm the water was, how white the sand was, and how humid it was! My hair was sooo curly! 

We went to the beach one night and I was able to go for a full swim because it was warmer in the water than outside of it. I think Grandpa told us it was 85 degrees! 

Going to the beach with a baby is definitely more work and we had to take turns going into the water so someone was with Theo but I never felt put out. I remember the first time I went into the water while Blake was with Theo I turned around to see him putting his feet in the water and I went running back. I could care less that I was missing out on the water, I would much rather be with my guys. Mom life is awesome!

Enjoy the pictures and our fun little video :)

 Grandpa, grandson and great-grandson.

My absolute favorite meal! I literally ate the best seafood I've ever had on this trip. Mahi Mahi, Grooper, sooo much shrimp. Seriously so good!

6 Months - Theodore Parker

Half a year...I've been a mom for half a year...We've had this adorable and wonderful little dude in our life for half a year. I know you get the idea, but it still is so amazing to me. I always knew I wanted to be a mom but nothing could have ever prepared me for how I'd feel about this little guy.

He is so happy. Even when he is teething. Believe it or not, we had no idea that he had a tooth breaking through until his doctor told us at his six months appointment (insert forehead slap emoji here).

He loves being scared, when dad makes funny noises, and as always being outside. 

And the kid can eat! At his six month appointment, his doctor asked if he was eating a tbsp or two of food whenever we fed him. Blake and I looked at each other and laughed. He eats about 1/4 - 1/2 a cup when he eats! Last week he ate an entire avocado, it was a smaller avocado but still, an entire avocado. And we couldn't be more proud (we both love food)!

He also really loves when you sing to him. I've always sung a song or two to him when I put him to bed at night but when he is really upset if I just keep singing to him he'll just lay there in my arms and stare. 

Weight: 16 lb 7.5 oz (40%) Height: 2 ft 22 in (48%) Head: 17.4"(60%) -

5 Months - Theodore Parker

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload because this little dude is the CUTEST! I put him down for bed tonight and I've spent the past 20 minutes looking at pictures of him (yes, I've become that crazy mom). Little dude is 5 months (and one week)!!

He has started to really show his personality over the past few weeks. The most curious little guy, he has to always be looking around. Which is probably why he doesn't cuddle, he can't hold still long enough. 

Loves to be moving, jumping, rolling, kicking, you name it and he is doing it! And unless he is tired or hungry he is probably smiling. We really feel so blessed to have such a happy baby. I need to get him a shirt that says "smiling is my favorite". 

He hasn't started eating food yet but we've let him suck on bites of apples and he can't get enough. He also watches people eat like a hawk. Needless to say, I think he is ready to get some of the goodness into his belly soon. 

Last week we were in Las Vegas and because we were surrounded by family I didn't get to hold him as often. So my favorite thing ever was when I'd walk by and he'd hear my voice and immediately would turn to find me and then smile. Talk about melting my heart! And let's talk about how he feels about his dad. He could recognize his dad's voice across the room! I constantly find him just staring at his dad waiting for him to look at him, and as soon as Blake looks and says "hi" Theo about loses his mind with excitement. They are definitely best buds!

This little dude has stolen our hearts and has us completely wrapped around his tiny little finger. 

Theodore Parker Roundy

4 Months - Theodore Parker

Not quite sure I'm ready to admit it but...THEO IS 4 MONTHS!!! WHAT?! He gets more and more of a defined personality each day. He laughs, talks, rolls, and smiles at everyone. 

I think sometimes I go out and about just so I can show him off because, guys, that face. It is adorable. I love him more and more each day (if that is possible). 

He has had an adventurous month. Went to Utah, Lagoon, the Zoo, blueberry picking, met more of his aunts and uncles and was loved on like crazy! 

I think my favorite thing is when Theo hears his dad's voice and then finds his face. His little face lights up! Sure I want to be the number one in his life but if I lose first place to Blake I'm okay with it because seeing these two together is my favorite!

 His cousin Vincent loved singing songs to him.

 Erica and I were pregnant at the same time - they are just 2 weeks apart!

 Chilling at Lagoon with Grandpa Roundy

 Uncle Riley

First of many shoulder rides 

Theodore Parker Roundy
Height: 2 ft 1.31 inches Weight: 14 lb 2.5 oz Head: 16.81" - 50% percentile 

- Loves to smile and laugh
- Always watching what is going on around him. Super attentive. 
- Favorite color is red
- Moving like crazy - he has learned to roll and now it is hard to keep him on his back
- Still loves all things outdoors
- His new favorite thing is to chew on any blankets left around him

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