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Life Lately - Fall

Man what do I even say about life lately. It has been hard, great, different, slow, fast, and so much more! And how is next week Thanksgiving?!

We haven't been up to much because #nursingschool and #pregnant, but we both are still incredibly happy. 

Life isn't as simple as it use to be. Our weekends are no longer filled with #BSadventures or the great outdoors. In fact that usually are filled with Sierra sleeping in, Blake studying in between errands, and a Netflix episode in between all of that as a break for Blake's busy brain. But we're okay with all of this. 

I've had more time to start journaling our life together, learn how to better document it, prepare to become a mom, and learning to run my own side business (if you have any tips for me send them my way because this is all so new for me!). 

Blake is so busy with school but is rocking it. This quarter he has been learning all about what is going on in my body during this pregnancy and also has had the opportunity to do a few clinicals in the hospital in Labor and Delivery, Maternal Care and NICU. He absolutely loved NICU, he couldn't stop talking about it. He is going to make the greatest Dad :). 

And the biggest news of all if you didn't already hear.....WE ARE HAVING A BOY!!!! We really shouldn't be surprised though. My family makes boys like you wouldn't believe. My baby is number 19 for grand children for my parents and mine will be grandson number 13. But we are so excited. Today I was taking a walk during my break at work and I couldn't help but be thrilled that I was getting another Blake in my life. 

Neither of us wanted to do a reveal so here is our quick version of our announcement. 


  1. Finally catching up on your blog and I'm seriously so excited for you! I love following along with your pregnancy posts and life updates so keep them coming. :)


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