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How I Survived Morning Sickness

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I won't go into the details but "morning sickness" was/is crazy rough for me. 18 weeks and I'm still experiencing it. And I'd like to shake my fist at whoever named it morning sickness, clearly, they didn't experience the "all day sickness" that most women have. Anyway, that's not the point of this post. The point is to share some of the different things that made it somewhat bearable and helped me keep enough food down to keep me out of the hospital. 

Now remember this, every pregnancy is different. I had so many women giving me advice (which I appreciated btw) but many of their tips didn't even touch nausea or sickness. What worked for me may not work for you, but it might. Welcome to the world of pregnancy. Where your body is experiencing things it never has before and it is all a guessing game on what will help you feel good. 

I would also like to throw out there that I'm a pretty healthy eater normally and as you'll learn from my below list, they aren't even close to the healthiest of foods. My mom thought the same thing and did some research for me. I'm not a sciency person but basically, the way the hormones are reacting in the first trimester get us craving carbs and unfortunately, those carbs keep nausea at bay. So if you're a healthy person like me, don't stress, the baby will still get the nutrients it needs. Just don't plan on eating this way for all nine months! If you're one of the lucky ducks who can get veggies to stay down, I applaud you and am jealous of you. Keep it up!

Without further ado. 

How I survived/am still surviving morning sickness:

1. Lemon Drops: I didn't believe it when I read the idea myself but I had some lying around so I tried it. MIRACLE! For a few weeks, this was my go to. If I wasn't hungry but was crazy nauseous I just popped in a lemon drop, and just like that, I'd get some relief. I'm sure my teeth didn't love it, but this mama sure did.
2. Pringles (or any type of chip probably): It was a quick snack that again, immediately killed that nausea for me. Unfortunately, it didn't last as long as something more substantial but good for when I was out and about or at work.
3. Ginger Ale: This is probably the only thing that I never stopped using. I could take the smallest of swigs and it would settle my stomach (unless of course, I'd passed the point of no return). I could only do strong flavored ginger products the first week and so ginger ale was my savior!
4. Fries (or any potato): A great food item to add to any meal to help it stay down. I've always loved fries but I've never loved them the way I did for the first few weeks. They settled that nausea like you wouldn't believe. 
5. Small Meals/Snacks ALL DAY: And I mean all day. I probably had a snack every hour if not more. Going longer than an hour meant the worst of the worst in the field of nausea. It was crazy tedious at first but I grew to appreciate having some relief. Don't go anywhere without snacks of some type, I promise you won't regret it. In the second trimester and still experiencing morning sickness I still always have snacks. But I have been able to pull back to about every two hours. 

I'll be honest though, sometimes nothing worked. I just had to lay through and hope to get through it. Just remind yourself, you wanted this baby and it is going to be the greatest blessing in your life. 

Other mama's or future mama's out there - what was your go-to during morning sickness?

Stay awesome, 

tips on I surviving the worst morning sickness ever!

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