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10 Things Every Pregnant Women Needs

10 Things Every Pregnant Women Needs

After sharing all about what I needed to survive my morning sickness I decided it was time to find out and share what I was going to need to make it through the next half of this pregnancy. I did some research, I asked around and I adding things that I've found that I need. So here you go!

 The top things you'll need to survive your pregnancy. 

1. Maternity Clothes: I haven't started wearing anything but maternity pants yet so I'm definitely not the authority on this but I do know you won't make it far in your regular pants. I live in my maternity pants, leggings and/or sweats. I think I gave up on my regular pants at about 12 weeks or so believe it or not and I'm a pretty small person.  Here are some I like and some that have been recommended to me: H&M, Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity.

2. Belly Wrap: I haven't tried this yet but I've heard some mom's swear by it to help with the back pain. So try it out!

3. Prenatals:  Of course these are a must have. Probably the only thing on this list that is required! But it is up to you what kind you use. The nice thing was that my current vitamin regimen had everything that I needed for my prenatals so I could just keep on taking what I was taking. These are from DoTerra and you can get them cheaper if you order them through a rep so let me know and I'll hook you up with mine. She is fantastic, she is my mom so I'm biased, but still pretty much the best!

4. Pregnancy Pillow: I inherited this one from my sister and I have a feeling I'm going to have to start using it soon. I've had a lot of mom's swear by this as well and from a lot of my reading it really helps you get through the night more comfortable. And as a pillow lover I'll take any excuse to use another pillow!

 5. Shoes Without Laces: So for my birthday this year I got myself this pair of vans I was dying to have. Who knew I was being so intuitive. Luckily I'm not at the point where I can't reach my toes yet but make sure when you do hit that you're not miserable! And I've also heard Hickies are great too (don't go off the name, you should actually check these out)!

6. TUMS: Again, I haven't used these yet but I hear I'm going to need them soon. So get yourself ready and stock up!

7. Heating Pad: Ah this has been a lifesaver. The aches have started already so this has been really needed! Luckily I already had one lying around. 

8. Water Bottle: Ah yes, water bottle. I can't stress how important it is to be drinking water during your pregnancy, no matter how gross it tastes (symptoms of 1st trimester). I found myself crazy busy one day at work and didn't drink any water. You do the math. Stress + dehydration = ER visit. You can bet I didn't make that mistake again. I don't go anywhere without my Hydroflask. 

9. Lotion: If you're already pregnant you might notice your belly starting to itch. I'm not a science guru but I think that is from your skin stretching. So I make sure to rub lotion on my belly whenever I get out of the shower and it really helps! I hear it helps with stretch marks also. I'll let you know in 20 weeks if that is true. 

10. Snack Boxes: And you've already heard my lecture on this. Especially during your 2nd and 3rd trimester. I've already started feeling myself get dizzy if I'm not keeping up with small snacks in between the main meals. So I'll say it again, always have snacks on you! You're growing a baby, no more diet eating!

If you're pregnant or have been pregnant what was a must have for you??

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  1. I loved taking papaya enzyme! It's a natural choice for heartburn rather than TUMS. Yes, the belly wrap is a must! Finally, epson salt baths in my last trimester to help my GIANT swollen feet!


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