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Our First Home

Last night we said farewell to our first home. It smelled like old man, looked like it was stuck in the 70's, there were train tracks 50 ft away, and our neighbors smoked a lot. But it was perfect.

We heard eagles almost every morning.
We lived on the most beautiful lake.
We celebrated our first Christmas as a family there.
We almost burnt it down....twice. 
We survived the "Lacey Storm" there.
We traveled a lot while living there and always were happy to come home. 
We had many family members over for boat rides and swimming.
We both walked on a frozen lake for the first time there.
We learned how to live together there.
We learned how to love each other there. 
We cried there.
We laughed more than I've ever laughed in my life there.

I can't list everything, but it was everything to us. To have our own little home with the most beautiful view. 

This Friday we move to University Place/Tacoma, Washington. New jobs, new apartment, and new adventures!

Stay awesome,


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