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July, Where'd You Go?!

I'm 99% sure it was June yesterday, and now tomorrow is August. Anyone else in as much shock as me?! It has been quite the month for Blake and I too. We've officially decided that next July needs to be relaxing and free of change.

This month:
- We moved from Lacey to Tacoma.
- Blake and I both started new jobs. Blake at a Alzheimers residence in Gig Harbor and me at a magazine here in Tacoma as the Marketing Director.
- I finished my last day at the Lacey South Sound Chamber after being there three years.
- We celebrated our one year anniversary. 

We've been really blessed through all these changes. I have to say I wasn't thrilled to move to Tacoma. I love Lacey and growing up I never heard good things about Tacoma. But boy was I wrong! Tacoma is quite the city. My office is on the water in Old Town Tacoma which makes for great lunchtime walks. We live 5-15 minutes from some great parks and views of the Puget Sound. 

I think of all the new and exciting things I think my favorite has been discovering a new place with Blake. We are big on adventure and knowing that almost everywhere we go is a new adventure for us has been the absolute greatest.

Cheney Stadium in Tacoma Washington
We live 1.5 miles from a Minor League Baseball stadium for the Tacoma Rainiers. We've gone to a game almost every week since we've moved here. It is fantastic!

Tacoma is full of the cutest houses ever! I wish I could just stop and take pictures of all of them. 

This is right across the street from my office. Let's just say work breaks/walks are the greatest!

Discovering Point Defiance Park - We will probably spend a lot of time here...not probably, we will! It has trails, a rose garden, a zoo and aquarium and it is surrounded by water!

Point Ruston - another of our favorite discoveries. A cute little open shopping/restaurant area right on the water!

And now it is August - life is flying by. My goal for the month of August is to say yes to every opportunity for a fun experience or adventure! What fun adventures do you have planned for the rest of the summer?

Stay awesome, 

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