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Colorful Walls of Olympia Part 1

colorful walls in Olympia Washington
A couple weeks ago I saw this post over at Willivia, one of my favorite blogs, and it inspired me! Olympia has some of the coolest walls and they need to be seen by the world. So my hubby humored me and went adventuring with me last Saturday to find some of these cool walls. 

We didn't have time for them all but it was a fun little adventure, and also a chance to prove I'm still officially the most awkward in front of a camera. 

If you're ever in Olympia go check these walls out. I have to say the purple wall was our favorite!
Native American Wall

Waves Wall

Purple Wall

Back side of Archibald Sisters

Two Toned Wall

Backside of Olympia Downtown Association
Red Brick Wall

Alleyway between Washington Street and Capitol Way

Next, we're going to take on Tacoma! Where are some of your favorite walls?

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Sweater: H&M
Necklace: Made By Mary

#thankfultuesday - Interrupt Anxiety

Interrupt anxiety with gratitude image

This week I'm grateful for:

1. For rain boots and rain coats.
2. For getting such a great deal on a new car.
3. For a full weekend with Blake.
4. For the best team at work.
5. For positive people around me who believe in me.
6. For the knowledge that I can pray for strength and for the strength that I received from praying for it!
7. For the power of forgiveness.
8. For the sun that peaked out in between the snow/rain yesterday.
9. For hugs from nephews and nieces. 
10. For the internet world that lets me share lists like this and so much more :). 

What are you grateful for this week?

Stay awesome. 
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