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Peace Out February

February it's been real but I'm more than happy to say goodbye to you and hello to March, and hopefully spring!

Still convinced the only thing I love about this month is my husband's birthday and that is February 1st. It just seems to be notoriously cold, and if you know me cold and I aren't close friends. Who is with me?

But alas I still have to live through this month as much as I'd like to hibernate. Apparently, that isn't a socially acceptable thing to do. So here are some of my favorite pictures (besides all the ones I already shared from our California trip here) from February even if it isn't my favorite month. 

Happy 27th Birthday to my man! We have a tradition in our home that on your birthday you wear the sombrero :).

Aren't they just so cute? hehe

Flo's Cafe in Cars Land
Cars Land was THE coolest at night!

Everyone needs to go to Balboa Island and go to The Original Frozen Banana. Seriously my new favorite treat!

February has been a month of slacking on my exercising and also getting myself back into the gym and making good habits! And these Nikes, anybody else have heart eyes?! Also super comfortable! 

It has also been a month of more intentional scripture study!

How was your February?

Stay awesome.

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Nursing School

Blake at Portland Oregon LDS Temple

WARNING: Post all about how proud I am of my amazing husband!

Since about three days after Blake moved here to Washington to be with me he has been in school. All of this while working full-time, planning a wedding with me, adjusting to a new state, some crazy drama at his apartment, and learning to be married to me (I'm sure I'm not the easiest). 

He has been working really hard and fast to get his prereq's done for nursing school. While most schools don't start until September he didn't want to wait that long so he found one school that started in April and they only took in 24 applicants each quarter. 

So Blake, who has much more faith than me, applied to only one school. While waiting I thought of all the things we'd need to do if he didn't get into this program. All the applications we were going to need to get done for the fall programs. It wasn't that I didn't believe in Blake, I just wanted to prepare for the worse since they were accepting so few applicants.

Fast forward to the week we went to Disneyland. Monday night in our hotel after our first day at Disneyland Blake decides to check his email. He calls me over and very quietly tells me he was accepted. So what did we do, we celebrated by going to Disneyland hehe. 

But seriously we were so excited and I spent the whole next few days just feeling so proud of this man of mine. For his hard work, his faith in applying to only one program, and for getting in! 

We're excited about this next chapter. Two years of nursing school at Tacoma Community College. Blake is thrilled to take one more step closer to his career dream which is to be a Nurse Practioner. 

Yes, he'll be in school for quite a while, but this is one step closer to being done! I always use the hashtag #BSadventures on our different trips etc. but this will be the ultimate adventure so buckle in and I hope you'll follow along!

I'm so proud of you Blake Roundy and will be there for you every step of the way!

Stay awesome and have a fabulous weekend.

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The Happiest Place on Earth

Guys we went to Disneyland and it was magical. Two days of happy people, yummy food, and lot of screaming!

We went with Blake's family and two friends. We drove down from Utah with Bentley and Drea and then met up with his family in California. Lots of driving but totally worth it for all the amazing memories we made and it was so great being there with friends and family!

While we were there they had the Main Street Electrical Parade - guys the music had me loosing it! I grew up listening to the classic song so just take a second to imagine how I felt. Magical doesn't even describe it!

On Wednesday Blake and I went and explored Huntington Beach and Balboa Island. Blake almost had to force me into the car to get me to leave Balboa. It was the perfect little island and everything my winter dreams are made of! Not to mention being in sandals and short sleeves was almost more magical than Disneyland. 

Disneyland Castle
For Justin :)

Main Street Electrical Parade

Adventureland & Dole Whip


Ben & Drea announced that they were pregnant at Disneyland but decided to take a picture of Ben instead ;).

The trip was perfect and warm - exactly what we needed. 

Stay awesome!
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My Valentine

2017 Valentines Day
I loved yesterday. I've never been a big Valentines Day person because I hate that you have to have a holiday to show someone you care. But Blake made yesterday perfect. He didn't go all out like some might expect but he still went out of his way to make it a little more special and that is all that matters.

He started by waking up early to make me breakfast and sneaking some flowers into my car. Which of course made me late because then I had to run back inside to say thank you but I didn't even care!

 During the day he came and ran errands with me during my lunch. And then when I came home I was banished to our room while he finished up dinner. When I say banished I'm not exaggerating! He ordered me to our room! 

He lit candles all over our apartment while we ate dinner sitting on the floor around our coffee table. He told me "I don't know how to be romantic so this is me trying." It was the cutest! 

And his gift. Blake is THE most thoughtful man I know. He found two antique spoons with the letter R on them and framed them and is going to put "Spooning since 2016" on the frame. All because I sleep better when he holds me. Can I get an "awwwwww"?!

He loves me more than I deserve and for that, I'll be eternally grateful. And I love knowing he will be my valentine forever!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentines whether you're single or married. We all deserve a day to feel love, and hopefully, that love can spill into the rest of the year.

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Christmas In Vegas

I know I know Christmas is over and I'm just now posting #slacker. But I'm still posting! 

Christmas this year was in Las Vegas with Blake's family. We had a great time! 

- We went to the Bellagio. 
- We played Joseph & Mary in a live nativity. (Last time I checked they weren't blonde.....)
- We went ice skating at the Cosmopolitan.
- I got to see one of my friends from home who is serving a mission in the Las Vegas West Mission.
- We had an epic Ugly Sweater Party. 
- Spent a lot of time with family.
- Ate a lot of food and too many treats!
- And Blake and I spent a lot of time snuggling Blake's newest niece, Emmy!

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