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#thankfultuesday - Happier

Those who are grateful tend to be happier and those who are happy tend to be more grateful - Lloyd K. Newell

1. I am grateful for this talk about joy. It has helped me so much the past few months. 
2. I am grateful for the outdoors, even if it is cold. 
3. I am grateful to live so close to my parents!
4. I am grateful for the most wonderful nights Blake and I have been able to spend together the past few weeks.
5. I am grateful my mom is finally getting better. She had pneumonia! 
5. I am grateful for a great job that teaches me something new each and every day!
6. I am grateful for the fitness Instagram account I have with two of my friends that really motivates me to exercise and be healthy! Check us out @strongnotskinny_3 .
7. I am grateful that it is supposed to be 50 next week! Seriously, it should only be cold in December and then 75 the rest of the year.
8. I am grateful that Blake's car started this morning. Long story, but it was nothing short of a miracle.
9. I am grateful for happy, positive people. You really make my life so much better!!
10. I am grateful to all those who believe in me. 

Stay awesome!

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