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Yesterday I did something extremely spontaneous, and I had this realization. Spontaneity is good for the soul. 

Let me backtrack a little. I've always had long hair. I've always done pretty similar haircuts and never gotten more than two or three inches cut off. But lately I was just feeling like I need a change in my life, I need to be more open to new things. 

Yesterday I got a call from my salon saying they had an opening that day. I jumped on it so quick because I hadn't cut my hair since April 2016 and I needed it bad. So I hurried to find a picture to show the stylist. A tiny part of me wanted to just chop it all off but I knew I couldn't do that. A couple of people told me they thought it would look great, but I knew I just couldn't! 

I got to the salon and told the stylist what I wanted, and then very briefly told her a little part of me wanted to just chop it off. And she said, "LET'S DO IT!". She proceeded to tell me how great my natural curls would look with a bob, how it is very in style, and how much fun it would be. I still couldn't do it. But to push her off a little I said, let's decide after you wash it. We got back in the chair and I said, "You know what? It is just hair, it will grow back. Let's do it!" 

Guys, I chopped off probably a good 8 inches. I've never done anything that spontaneous before. Everyone was expecting for me to come back with just a little trim. Shoot, I was expecting to come back with just a trim and maybe some bangs! 

Okay, I'll get to my point, which isn't about me getting my hair cut. But how great it felt to do something spontaneous and outside of my comfort zone. I like to think I'm a fun person, but I'm not a risk taker, especially not when it comes to my hair. 

The freeness you'll feel is hard to describe. I didn't overthink it, I didn't worry about "what if I don't like it?!", I didn't worry about who wouldn't like it, I just did it, for me. There is something to be said about letting go of controlling everything and just being.

So now that you've read all about my crazy moment of chopping off my hair, I leave you with a challenge. Go do something you would never do - no, you don't have to chop your hair off or do something permanent. But go do something spontaneous and that will push you out of your box or bubble. I promise you'll thank yourself later!

P.S. I have no idea how to style short hair so people help me!

Stay awesome!
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  1. That is so brave! I did something similar and chopped my long hair (that I've had for about 8 years) into something short. It was scary. It was awesome.

    You also made a good point about hair growing back. It's just hair. It will grow long again. So it is with most spontaneous decisions we make - they're not so drastic in the long run, but definitely good for the soul in the moment.
    Didn't mean to get metaphorical with your post, but there you have it! ;)

    Chaun from
    PS I also have no idea what to do with short hair. I had a baby around the same time, so I just let it hang wild for a couple months before going back to work :)

    1. I love that you got metaphorical with my post - such a great thought!


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