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A Day Off

This past year Blake has been finishing up his pre-req's for nursing school. Because of this, he had to work weekends and very rarely had a Saturday off. After he finished up with finals we found ourselves with a free Saturday, which happened to coincide with my sister and her family coming to Seattle from Portland! So we drove up Friday night and spent the night and Saturday with them. 

They had planned some adventurous things for us but after our trip to the Fremont Troll and Gas Works Park, we were way too cold to be any more adventurous so we headed to the Museum of Flight. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, Blake or the kids. 

All great places! If you've never been to Seattle, or if you've been 100 times, you should still check these places out. Great iconic Seattle landmarks, and fun for all ages!

Gas Works Park
Caption this.
The Museum of Flight

Stay awesome! 
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  1. I want to go to Seattle! I went when I was younger, but I need to go now that I can pick the activities and actually remember stuff haha


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