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Totally my goal for 2017. 

1. I am grateful for Blake's family welcoming me as one of their own for Christmas.
2. I am grateful for my family who celebrated with me a day late. 
3. I am grateful for the love of my mother. 
4. I am grateful for a husband who supports me in all I do. 
5. I am grateful for a job that makes it so I can support Blake's dream of nursing school.
6. I am grateful for a new year to be grow and improve.
7. I am grateful for friends, even though they aren't in state, you know who you are. 
8. I am grateful that each year I can celebrate Christmas. 
9. I am grateful for the gloves I got for Christmas that keeps my hands from freezing!
10. I am grateful for the three of you who read my blog :).

Happy New Year!

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First Christmas Tree

Happy 50th Birthday Lacey

Blake and I have experienced a few firsts together the past two weeks. We got our first Christmas tree, started a few Christmas traditions and our first real snow together! My parents are also experiencing their first Christmas as empty nesters. 

I was also able to take Blake to the City of Lacey's 50th Celebration. There was a big open house with some great speakers talking about our history and our future. Then it was finished off with a lighted parade and tree lighting. I love being able to share this city that I love with Blake, and I love that he'll come to anything I drag him too. Including, the City Council meeting I have to go to tonight :). 

It has really been a magical couple of weeks to help really bring the Christmas spirit into our lives. Something else that has really made this Christmas special is the #LightTheWorld campaign, that I talked about a few weeks ago here. It has really helped us not worry so much about presents, but pay attention to the real reason for the season. Serving others and celebrating Christ. I know it already started but you should start it now if you haven't already!

What we did for the first day was make little snack bags to keep in our car for anyone in need that we may see when we are out and about. Such a easy way to help out!

I hope you all have a magical and very merry Christmas!

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