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See Ya November

November was a busy month.....

- I went on a Girls Camp Retreat with our youth leaders for Girls Camp next summer.
- Practiced and perfected our pie skills.
- Blake was an awesome picture taker for me. #Instagramhusband
- We were really good at going to the gym this month. It really is the best having someone to always go to the gym with!
- We actually had some beautiful sunny days. 
- Played with some cute kids. 
- Voted.

And soooo much more!

Blaine and I decided to adventure to the great outdoors on Veterans Day...and show off our muscles....HA!

Blake is the greatest uncle. These little kids couldn't get enough of him. 

Blake's first pie - didn't he do an amazing job?! It tasted so good!

Stay awesome and enjoy all the magic Christmas and December brings!
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  1. Looks like it was such a good month! Those pies look AMAZING! And I need to be as good about going to the gym as you... I have been horrible at it lately!

  2. That pie!! How did you do that haha? And I wanna see the picture that your husband was taking to have to get in that position!


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