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36 Hour Getaway - Seattle

Blake and I don't get a lot of time together because our work schedules are the exact opposite. He usually works on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and I work Mon-Fri. Not super ideal. So we planned out ahead and found a Friday I could take off and that he had off and we headed up north for some R&R time together. 

We had some credit left over from our honeymoon at McMenamins so we decide to stay there again. If you've never heard of McMenamins, they are a company that takes old schools and/or buildings, refurbishes them and turns them into hotels, pubs, restaurants and more. If you're in the PNW you should definitely check them out. We stayed at the Anderson School in Bothell on Thursday night. It was nice and relaxing. We even slept in which is a miracle in itself!

Then we spent Friday in Seattle. We decided to wander University Washington's campus because it is on Blake's list of choices for his BSN (Bachelor of Science - Nursing) and because I've always wanted to see their library. Looks like a mini cathedral and all the buildings are old and amazing to look at!

Then we headed into the city and just wandered. By this point, I was tired of taking my camera out of my bag so pictures were less and less. It was perfect, though. Wasn't crazy busy, the Christmas lights were starting to go up and we got some good food and deals. 

Pike Place Chowder. I felt like I was cheating on Ivars but it was delicious!

I'm not a fashion blogger but I just need to brag about my amazing find. Banana Republic, or as Blake and I call it B&R, was having a sale. But of course, even the sale items were still super high prices. I turned around to look at a rack that was just an extra rack with clothes that needed to be put away and found some insanely nice slacks for only $10.99 before the 40% off. So of course, that motivated me to dig deeper. All and all I got a nice button up shirt and slacks for $13. WIN!!!!
Awkward moment: The guy checking me out told me he had just bought the same pants a couple days prior and he was super bummed to find out that there was a 2 because he had bought the 4.......

It was a wonderful, yet too short, 36 hours. But we look forward to our next little getaway. 

Perk #196 of being married: You can go on little getaways with your best friend whenever you want!

Stay awesome. 
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Backpack: Roolee Boutique


  1. Fun! My husband and I had exact opposite schedules when we were dating-no fun! But that school turned hotel thing looks super cooL!

    1. Isn't it the worst?! What did you do to make it work?


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