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BBG, Adventures and Food!

September and October have been quite the busy months and we are only six days in!

We returned from our honeymoon to Costa Rica the day after Labor Day (posts to come soon). Our trip got extended a day due to some flight mishap so we were in quite the hurry to get caught up when we got home.

We celebrated my birthday. The food pictures above are what Blake made me for breakfast and dinner. Guys, if I'm not careful I'm going to gain so much weight with his cooking. Also, do you see the picture of that pasta dish?! I should probably start him his own food blog. 

Speaking of gaining weight. Myself and two friends are currently doing BBG together (and Blake when he can). We even started our own IG account. Check us out here! It is quite the workout, but I can feel myself genuinely getting stronger! 

Despite our insanely busy schedules (Blake is back in school and is also working, and I'm currently preparing for our Annual Auction and to move our office), we've been on a few small adventures.

We got free tickets to a Mariners game as a part of the BECU Business Partner Appreciation Night. I never say no to Mariners tickets so Blake, myself and Laurie (my co-worker) enjoyed a fun night for free :).

Blake also got to experience for the first time, the salmon run! It was a beautiful fall night and we got to just walk around and watch a ton of huge salmon!

I've had a lot of Saturday work events. Summer's End Car Shows, Lemonade Day and city wide Food Drive (my father's brainchild). But as much as I don't like working on Saturdays, in these cases it has been worth it!

Here is to hoping it will slow down, but knowing that it won't. 

Stay awesome!

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  1. Aw your pictures are just so cute, great post! I am so glad I came across your blog too, keep up the lovely work! x


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