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Seattle and New Family

For the first time ever Blake's mom, step-dad, sister, and nephew came and visited us! First time visit for us and first time to Washington for them. It was green and beautiful and now they want to move here ;). 

It was so much fun having them here and getting to spend some really good solid time together. We discovered our moms are basically the same and that life would be so much better if they just moved to Washington! Besides Wednesday night I don't think I went to bed before 12:30 pm every night they were here. 

We had the Bridal Shower Thursday night, both of our families went to dinner together Friday night and then on Saturday, we went up to Seattle for a few hours. Never enough time but Blake and I were so grateful that they came, and I could tell that Blake was so happy to see his family!

I had to take them to Ivars because you can't go to Seattle and not go to Ivars. 

We did the Underground Tour of Seattle. It is really interesting and entertaining! Shows you a whole other side of Seattle that you didn't know existed.

I have to admit, having a sister-in-law relatively close to my age is pretty fun!

Because you always need a jumping picture. 

And I really hit gold with a great mother-in-law!

Stay awesome.

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