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One Month Down, Eternity To Go

It may seem like a small thing to only have been married for a month, and in the grand scheme of things it really is. But from where I was a month ago to now, it is kind of fantastic. I wanted to remember all that I learned/loved in the first month so I'm going to share it here. Not because I'm an expert on marriage, because I don't want to ever forget.

1. It is okay sometimes to just stay home and watch Netflix (specifically Madam Secretary. #hooked)
2. It is really enjoyable making dinner for someone else.
3. No matter what, you always have a partner in crime and adventure buddy
4. You'll pick on each other more than ever, and that is okay.
5. You laugh more than you ever have.
6. You'll have to have talk's about communication and really work on learning your spouses type of communication.
7. Sometimes you'll be bugged with each other, and that is okay. Just don't let it stay that way.
8. You'll be busy and you won't always have romantic surprises for each other. And that is okay. 
9. You always have an exercise buddy.
10. You don't ever really have to say goodnight.

Stay awesome.
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