UA-114812973-16 Well Rounded: 6th Annual South Sound BBQ Festival 2016

6th Annual South Sound BBQ Festival 2016

We did it again. I helped plan and execute my third, but the sixth annual South Sound BBQ Festival presented by the Lacey South Sound Chamber. You'll remember the first one I did here.

This year was even more challenging than ever, but was as always, a huge hit! I lost my Event Coordinator one month before the event so the month prior I was interviewing, hiring and training a new Event Coordinator who normally takes the lead for this event. Oh, and did I mention in all of that I was also planning my wedding. Yeah FUN times :). 

Nonetheless, the event was huge and I'm so grateful I hired Blaine to be my Event Coordinator. She may have been brand new, but she did a phenomenal job and really made my job easier. I'm excited to know that next year she can take the lead.

We estimated about 15,000 people! Such a fun event each and every year. So if you live in Washington and you love some good BBQ don't miss out on this event next year, July 8, 2016

My family was a huge help this year as well. They came early to help set up and came back to help with clean up. My oldest niece and nephew stayed almost all day helping out in any way that we needed them. My family is the coolest. Oh and then there is Blake who came early with me and stayed all day. All day asking "what next". I really am the luckiest!

Mechanical Bull rides!

The dunk tank might be my favorite. We get local community leaders to come and sit in and all the money goes to our Kidwiler Scholarship Fund. This is Bill McGregor, Port Commissioner. 

(Our usual pointing picture) Stephanie came back to help me this year so I wouldn't be the only staff member on site who knew what was going on. Needless to say, I couldn't have done it without her!

And would it be right without a chicken wing eating contest!

My niece and nephew who helped out so much begged to ride the Mechanical Bull. I have to say, I really enjoyed watching the struggle :).

Stay awesome!

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