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4th of July 2016

I've finally made it to the 4th of July on here. I should get a medal for how much updating I've done this week. #miracle

4th of July was a great day, as always, this year. Have I mentioned that the 4th is my favorite holiday?? I love the summer aspect, food, family and of course fireworks. I LOVE fireworks. 
We celebrated with the Texas Turners. We went to a BBQ at my dad's work, had so much fun playing outdoor games, photobombing and running around barefoot. 

That night we did some legit bbq over the fire. It was DELICIOUS! Barbecues are great, but if you can cook it over a fire you can't ever go wrong. 

Unfortunately, Blake had to work but he got off at 7 with enough time to go buy fireworks and shoot them off. Since the Turner kids have grown up in states where you can't really shoot off your own fireworks they were in heaven. Blake and I taught them the tricks of the trade and we had so much fun! I even behaved and didn't show off any of my stupid firework tricks :).

I think it is safe to say I'm the luckiest aunt around. And this is only 4 of my 15 nieces and nephews!

We missed the rest of our family, but so grateful to have Joy and her kids here. It had been a long time since they've been home for the 4th!

Meet Andrew, the master fake sleeper. Guarantee he is faking it right here, but we could never tell!

Stay awesome!
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