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One Month Down, Eternity To Go

It may seem like a small thing to only have been married for a month, and in the grand scheme of things it really is. But from where I was a month ago to now, it is kind of fantastic. I wanted to remember all that I learned/loved in the first month so I'm going to share it here. Not because I'm an expert on marriage, because I don't want to ever forget.

1. It is okay sometimes to just stay home and watch Netflix (specifically Madam Secretary. #hooked)
2. It is really enjoyable making dinner for someone else.
3. No matter what, you always have a partner in crime and adventure buddy
4. You'll pick on each other more than ever, and that is okay.
5. You laugh more than you ever have.
6. You'll have to have talk's about communication and really work on learning your spouses type of communication.
7. Sometimes you'll be bugged with each other, and that is okay. Just don't let it stay that way.
8. You'll be busy and you won't always have romantic surprises for each other. And that is okay. 
9. You always have an exercise buddy.
10. You don't ever really have to say goodnight.

Stay awesome.
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A Summer of #BSAdventures

I've given up trying to update you on everything we did this summer. Way too much work. So I've decided to just mash the rest of it together in one post. Don't be angry. 

So here is a massive overload of pictures of our summer adventures in no particular order!

Went to Portland to get our marriage license and spent some time at the Portland Rose Garden with my sister and her family. 

Spent a lot of time with family and eating lots of good food!

Blake and I moved into our first apartment which happens to have this amazing view and our own personal dock (that we share with the rest of the apartment building). Blake moved in two weeks before the wedding and I joined him afterwords.  
Blake and I got asked to speak at our LDS Girls Camp about how our life trials helped us stay closer to our Savior. What an amazing opportunity! 
I flew to Utah for 36 hours the weekend before my wedding (I'm crazy, I know) for my Grandma's 90th Birthday!

And for an amazing Pineapple themed bridal shower thrown by my even more amazing sister-in-law. 

 The night before the wedding we gathered as an entire family at my sisters (Anjuli) house to celebrate my parents 40th Anniversary. I can't tell you how great it was to be surrounded by my whole family the night before I got married. Everyone says it but I am so blessed with the best, and most funny, family around.

Blake had a Saturday off so we went and found a new hike! If you're in the Washington area go check out Sesqualitchew Creek Trail. Not a really intense hike, more of a long walk (3.2 miles roundtrip). But it ends up on a beautiful rocky beach in the South Sound. Great for everyone!

We had some amazing sunsets.

Checked out a few Farmers Markets. 

And....WE GOT MARRIED!!! The best part of the whole summer. Everything was perfect and better than I could have imagined. I can't wait to share all the details with you. This picture is a snap I got from our photographer. If you need one go check out Hannah Fine Photography. She is fantastic, and so much fun!

And now I'm going to enjoy a great weekend with my new husband (already 3 weeks!!!!).

Stay awesome.

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6th Annual South Sound BBQ Festival 2016

We did it again. I helped plan and execute my third, but the sixth annual South Sound BBQ Festival presented by the Lacey South Sound Chamber. You'll remember the first one I did here.

This year was even more challenging than ever, but was as always, a huge hit! I lost my Event Coordinator one month before the event so the month prior I was interviewing, hiring and training a new Event Coordinator who normally takes the lead for this event. Oh, and did I mention in all of that I was also planning my wedding. Yeah FUN times :). 

Nonetheless, the event was huge and I'm so grateful I hired Blaine to be my Event Coordinator. She may have been brand new, but she did a phenomenal job and really made my job easier. I'm excited to know that next year she can take the lead.

We estimated about 15,000 people! Such a fun event each and every year. So if you live in Washington and you love some good BBQ don't miss out on this event next year, July 8, 2016

My family was a huge help this year as well. They came early to help set up and came back to help with clean up. My oldest niece and nephew stayed almost all day helping out in any way that we needed them. My family is the coolest. Oh and then there is Blake who came early with me and stayed all day. All day asking "what next". I really am the luckiest!

Mechanical Bull rides!

The dunk tank might be my favorite. We get local community leaders to come and sit in and all the money goes to our Kidwiler Scholarship Fund. This is Bill McGregor, Port Commissioner. 

(Our usual pointing picture) Stephanie came back to help me this year so I wouldn't be the only staff member on site who knew what was going on. Needless to say, I couldn't have done it without her!

And would it be right without a chicken wing eating contest!

My niece and nephew who helped out so much begged to ride the Mechanical Bull. I have to say, I really enjoyed watching the struggle :).

Stay awesome!

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4th of July 2016

I've finally made it to the 4th of July on here. I should get a medal for how much updating I've done this week. #miracle

4th of July was a great day, as always, this year. Have I mentioned that the 4th is my favorite holiday?? I love the summer aspect, food, family and of course fireworks. I LOVE fireworks. 
We celebrated with the Texas Turners. We went to a BBQ at my dad's work, had so much fun playing outdoor games, photobombing and running around barefoot. 

That night we did some legit bbq over the fire. It was DELICIOUS! Barbecues are great, but if you can cook it over a fire you can't ever go wrong. 

Unfortunately, Blake had to work but he got off at 7 with enough time to go buy fireworks and shoot them off. Since the Turner kids have grown up in states where you can't really shoot off your own fireworks they were in heaven. Blake and I taught them the tricks of the trade and we had so much fun! I even behaved and didn't show off any of my stupid firework tricks :).

I think it is safe to say I'm the luckiest aunt around. And this is only 4 of my 15 nieces and nephews!

We missed the rest of our family, but so grateful to have Joy and her kids here. It had been a long time since they've been home for the 4th!

Meet Andrew, the master fake sleeper. Guarantee he is faking it right here, but we could never tell!

Stay awesome!
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Seattle and New Family

For the first time ever Blake's mom, step-dad, sister, and nephew came and visited us! First time visit for us and first time to Washington for them. It was green and beautiful and now they want to move here ;). 

It was so much fun having them here and getting to spend some really good solid time together. We discovered our moms are basically the same and that life would be so much better if they just moved to Washington! Besides Wednesday night I don't think I went to bed before 12:30 pm every night they were here. 

We had the Bridal Shower Thursday night, both of our families went to dinner together Friday night and then on Saturday, we went up to Seattle for a few hours. Never enough time but Blake and I were so grateful that they came, and I could tell that Blake was so happy to see his family!

I had to take them to Ivars because you can't go to Seattle and not go to Ivars. 

We did the Underground Tour of Seattle. It is really interesting and entertaining! Shows you a whole other side of Seattle that you didn't know existed.

I have to admit, having a sister-in-law relatively close to my age is pretty fun!

Because you always need a jumping picture. 

And I really hit gold with a great mother-in-law!

Stay awesome.

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