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Engagements - April 14, 2016

I'm finally sharing the thing I know you've all been dying for. Actually, you're probably not but shoot I can't stop looking at them. 

Thank you Hannah Fine Photography for great pictures! Anyone who can put up with Blake and I for an hour and a half deserves an award! 

We had canceled just a few hours before because it was supposed to be raining then finally last minute we decided to just do it. It was cold, misty and windy. But we live in Washington, it comes with the territory. Or at least that is what we tell people so that they won't move here ;). 

I do have to admit the posed pictures are great and all but my favorites are all the ones where one or both of us is laughing. It really shows the true Blake and Sierra, never serious. 

Enjoy and don't hate me for the picture overload!

 A great shot of the ring and also a chance to announce we're the newest Arvo hand/wrist models ;).

Stay awesome.


Flowered dress:Very Jane

White dress: Old Navy

 photo SIERRA_zpsvhr98bf5.jpg

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