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March 13, 2016

In honor of today being one month since the best day of my life thus far I thought I'd finally share the day I answered the easiest and best question I've ever been asked.  And I'm now realizing I've never even shared our story, because personally I think it is the best, and one full of tiny miracles. But that will come later. So here we go....

Across from my house is a forest and an area that when it rains a lot fills up like a pond. My mom thought it would be fun for Blake and I to take pictures in it with rain boots on. She had been talking about it for a while but we never got around to doing it. Finally we picked a date and I swore I wouldn't back out. 

That day as we sat in church I tried really hard to convince Blake to change days. It was raining really hard out, it was super windy and extremely cold. I had no desire to go trekking through the woods to have a picture taken on a day like this. But Blake wasn't going to let me back out, which I have to admit left me a little suspicious. 

So when we got home we got dressed warm, and prepared to go. I was getting even more suspicious but even my mom was suggesting that we do it another day due to the weather, so that threw me off a little bit. But alas, we went. 

At one point I was trying to help Blake zip up his jacket because he was carrying my camera and I didn't want it to get wet. He kept saying he was fine, and that he could do it himself. Little did I know he was hiding the ring. 

Guys, I'm not exaggerating when I say it was crazy out there. Rain, wind, tornado. Okay, no tornado but it felt like it! 

So, we were standing there taking these pictures when the wind starts blowing my umbrella all crazy. I was trying really hard to fix it and just laughing my head off at the whole situation when Blake knelt down right then and there in the water. I remember saying to him, "What are you doing!?". 

He asked me to marry him and I said yes so fast and hurried to kiss him that I had to pull back and say, "Just in case you didn't hear me, I said yes!". 

It wasn't an elaborate plan, no musical numbers or serenading, no banner pulled by helicopter. But it was perfect and so Blake. 

Fun little fact: This forest is also where Blake and I first told each other "I love you." So we've decided if the land ever goes up for sale we should probably buy a lot and build a shrine or a home or something ;).  It is now our favorite place to go on walks and will always hold a special place in our hearts for more than one reason. 

So enjoy the story now through pictures, which I have to say are the best proposal pictures ever. Thanks mom!

Does the umbrella just make the picture?!

If getting this soaked isn't true love, I don't know what is. 

The two main reasons I love this ring is because Blake designed it and the middle diamond is from his Great-Grandmother. I love that it is a family heirloom and that I'm lucky enough to get to carry on her memory. 

I love you Blake Roundy. Thank you for loving me in such a way that I didn't even have to think about answering your question, the answer just flew right out of my mouth.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS this is the cutest ever! Those photos! And that gorgeous ring! And how clever of him to plot it this way so the whole thing would be photographed. Love it. Congrats to you both!!


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