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Date Night: Tolmie State Park

Tolmie State Park
Bear Butt
Just for the record we did not plan the sock matching. We are just that in tune with each other. #cheesy

Blake and I headed to Tolmie State Park here in Lacey for a quick date night last week. Between my crazy busy job and Blake's full time work and full time school we don't get to get out and do stuff very often. Any chance we get to be outside we jump on it!

Tolmie State Park is a great state park on Puget Sound where you have a great view of the Olympics and as you can see beautiful colors. 

And check out Bear Butt, they have way cool hammocks and nifty waterproof picnic blankets. It's one of Blake's best friends business and he hooked us up with this great blanket for our adventures. 

Even though our date only lasted for maybe two hours I'm so grateful for the time we got to sit, talk about current life, the future, and just enjoy the great outdoors. It seems crazy to me that we lasted seven months in two different states but we are so grateful to be together in the same state now. 

Have a great weekend!
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  1. This looks SO pretty! I'm glad you guys have been finding a little time to hang out... but I feel your pain on how difficult it is! With Colby's crazy hours we almost never get to adventure together for any extended period of time. But it's the best when it happens! Also, what brand is your coat? I have one that's so similar!

    1. You always seem to be you have a sub for Colby so you still get to get out? But I'm so glad you get it because I feel so needy haha. It is a Patagonia - from the kids section because they are way cheaper that way :).

  2. Oh and also I forgot to say I LOVE your new template/design!!

    1. THANK YOU!!! It still isn't completely done. A few small settings I haven't had time to load, but baby steps.

  3. Gorgeous photos ... you totally motivated me to plan a date night with my husband. Such a simple way to connect and we don't do it enough!

  4. What a cute blog you have! :) We should do a date like this sometime. We're close to a lot of state parks, but we never think to do anything like this!


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