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I know I know I'm so far behind but I don't want to skip over any of these fun trips so you get to enjoy me playing catch up the next week or so.

Back in November Blake and I went to San Antonio, Texas with my parents to visit my oldest sister, Joy and her family. It was the first time she met Blake and man did we have a good time!

One of the days we went to the San Jose Mission and just explored for a few hours!

Aren't my parents the cutest!?

Teaching my little nephews how to take jumping pictures. Cutest thing ever! 

Now brace yourself for some model shots of Thomas, the cutest/funniest little kid.

This is Jackson. I think it is safe to say I have the cutest nephews and nieces around. 

Thomas was a huge fan of Blake. I have to admit, sometimes I get jealous because I'm use to being the favorite aunt. But then I just realize why I love Blake so much. #cheesy

And of course what is a trip without girls time!

Yes this is my oldest niece, and yes she is taller than me, and yes she is only 13. Oh well because she is gorgeous. Boys stay away!! Someday we are going to see her on the big stage, this girl had me cracking up!

And of course she stole my phone. 

It is safe to say a majority of the weekend was spent like this but I don't even care. Can't wait to see Joy and her family again when they come to Washington for a whole month in July!

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