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This post may read as a bunch of nonsense to you but my brain is full to capacity and I need to empty some thoughts out.

Life is insane sometimes. I have a hard time saying no to responsibilities, especially when it comes to my Church. I love serving in my Church but sometimes I forget that I can't say yes to everything. At what point do we say no? How do we decide between good, better and best?

Oh and then you add relationships and family in there. Life is just hard sometimes. I don't mean to complain, nor do I want this post to come across that way because I really am so blessed.

I have a wonderful boyfriend, a man I love more then I ever thought was possible. The most supportive family. Two parents who put up with their fair share of ridiculousness from me. I have the true Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I get to teach some of the most energetic four-year-old's each Sunday and some of the greatest 16-18 year old's around! Even though my job wears me out I work with some of the greatest people in my community and get the opportunity to help people see their dreams come true.

I honestly am not even sure where I'm trying to go with this post. My brain has been in a fog all day as I try and not think about all the decisions I need to make, the long list of to-do's, and how messy my room currently is. I can't even express how hard it has been to get up each morning for work, let alone actually make myself look presentable. But life keeps moving right?

My mom reminded me yesterday...God first, Blake (my boyfriend) second, family and than everything else. I've been saying that in my head all day today. Thank you to the wonderful quote I shared on Instagram last night that reminds me through Christ I can do ANYTHING!

"He will enable you to accomplish the impossible." - President Russell M. Nelson

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  1. Sometimes the 'nonsense' posts are my favorite to read... sometimes you just have to write it all down! I hear you with the church activities... I have a hard time saying no to anything church related but then after awhile I realize I may be BUSY for Him but not "with" Him. Plus, I think sometimes He calls us to just be still and listen. Life is a constant figuring out how to acquire balance... some chapters are just crazy busy!

    1. YES! Such a hard balance to make sure we are with Him but so important!

  2. Hi girl! Love the honesty here! Sometimes, what has helped me is meditation. To really clear those thoughts and just get grounded! I know how ya feel.


  3. This does not seems nonsense to me! I enjoyed reading it. Yes true..with Him..everything is possible.

  4. I think 'nonsense' posts are often the best kind because they are usually so light and free-flowing. A great read :-)

  5. I love reading nonsense posts because they're the most real. Life gets chaotic, it'll calm down again soon! Keep going.


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