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Introducing Kyle & Anjuli Martin

I know I'm only two months late posting this, but I'm posting this and that is all that matters! 

What a happy day this was. My sister Anjuli was remarried to Kyle Martin. I've seen her go through a lot in the past seven years since she has been divorced. Raising three kids on her own with the help of my parents, getting her bachelors degree and then working full-time. She was a rock star through it all and was so blessed to be able to find Kyle. Kyle you'll never really know how grateful our family is that you came into Anjuli's life and made her really truly smile again, and gave the boys a father who would always be there for them and be a good example. Love you guys! 

Now for picture overload!!

The whole Burton clan minus Joy's husband and kids who couldn't make it. We missed you guys!

Did I mention I have the coolest siblings?! This is a statement of fact, not opinion. 

Story behind this picture: Joy, Havalah and I have always loved taking ridiculous Charlie's Angel's pictures, Anjuli has not. So of course we had to take one at the wedding for memory sake. 

Did I mention my niece and nephews have moves?!

It was a hot day but all in all an extremely happy one. I can't tell you the feelings that I had as we sat in the Temple together and watched my sister be sealed to Kyle for time and all eternity. Being there with my whole family and seeing her so happy was more then I could ever ask for. And now as my Dad so kindly reminded me right before the ceremony, it is my turn. 

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