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Fear is a Funny Thing

Fear. It is just a feeling. It isn't a physical object or a person. Yet somehow this feeling can completely debilitate us. It can leave us unable to function, move forward or make decisions.

I don't know about you but I kind of hate that it has so much power over me. For years I've struggled with the fear of decision making. I've seen it completely leave me unable to make a decision and/or move forward. As my mom calls it, I end up in fetal position.

I get this idea into my head that the decisions I make could ruin my entire life and I've never trusted that I have the ability, when guided by the Spirit, to make the right decision. So you can imagine that pivotal moments in my life are a little harder then for most.

I've been striving to get over this fear for a long time. On Sunday in a moment of fear I was examining every worst case scenario and not being logical in the process, my wonderful mother pointed out that I was coming at this decision from a point of fear and not faith and reminded me of a great talk. I knew she was right. So I decided to examine this point further.

"Faith and hope invite into our lives the sweet peace of conscience for which we all yearn."

AMEN! I mean come on, who doesn't "yearn" for sweet peace. The path to getting it is so simple, yet so hard.

Today, it has been a big week for me in the fear/decision making category, I had to make a presentation to my Board of Directors on basically why they should make me the permanent Executive Director. If there is one thing I don't like it is talking about myself. Not to mention I took a huge blow to my confidence when something big happened at work this morning. Needless to say all the confidence I was feeling leading up to this presentation was gone.

My boyfriend called about 30 minutes before my presentation to see how I was doing and asked me how many times I had prayed that day and if it was enough to stop a flood. I said I can't even count how many times not to mention faith has never been my strong suit. But after I got off the phone what he said triggered something in me and I said another prayer. I asked for my faith to be strengthened as I looked to my Savior, Jesus Christ for guidance and peace.

I wish I could tell you what "sweet peace" I felt. My anxiety left and I was able to really focus on my presentation.

My presentation is over now and I feel like I hit it out of the park! But I'd be ridiculous to think that it was all me. It wasn't. I had been praying all morning, but it wasn't until I focused on faith and looked to Jesus Christ that I was calmed.

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." - John 14:27

That peace is so real, and it only comes in and through Jesus Christ. We live in a loud and scary world, but I can say without a doubt I can be at peace and quiet because of Him. Because of the peace He offers me as I keep my eye on Him. Don't take my word for it though, try it out for yourself.

If you were hoping for some big miraculous experience I don't have one for you. I don't know yet if I have the permanent position and I don't even know if they think I did well. But that being said I'm grateful for the two experiences I've had this week that have helped me recognize that it is through faith, hope and my sights on Jesus Christ that I felt that "sweet peace".

I'd love to hear how you go about calming your fears?

Stay awesome!

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  1. Sierra, I love this! As always this is exactly what I needed to hear (read?). You are incredible and I'm sure you nailed your presentation! On a separate note, I think we really need to meet in real life! Come to Utah! ;)

    1. We do need to meet in real life! I was in Utah just a few weeks ago and will be back Conference weekend!

  2. I just saw this post today, and it brought me tears.. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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