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Canada, Eh?

On June 11th I got off work and I drove to the SEA-TAC Airport and picked up my friend Shanna for our adventure to Vancouver, Canada for the FIFA Women's World Cup! Can I just say it was the most fun I've had in a long time. Shanna and I were constantly laughing. We both just decided that this trip was going to be relaxed and spontaneous and that is exactly what it ended up being. So get ready for picture overload!

The Hostel we stayed in. We were kind of nervous of who our roommates would be but turns out we had no need to be. They were both LDS girls from Salt Lake City. Heavenly Father really loves us!

This is Crazy Eyes, no really that is what he told us his name was. Coolest guy we met all weekend!

We found Aslan in case you were looking for him.

Gotta love the Selfie Stick. 
We checked into our Hostel around 9 pm and then just went and wandered the city. I may not be the biggest Canadian fan but man it was gorgeous! 

Day 2: World Cup games! We may not have been watching USA play but we couldn't help and show our American pride!

We got to go to two games...Switzerland vs. Ecuador and Japan vs. Cameroon. First game was kind of slow because Switzerland destroyed Ecuador, but man Japan vs. Cameroon...I think I almost lost my voice!

There were A&W's on almost every corner so how could we not end the day with a root beer float!

Don't mind the fact that we look like we just woke up, we couldn't not take a picture to document our LDS Salt Lake roomies!

Can you tell we are fond of this pose?

Day 3: Explore - We first went and experienced the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Super cool! I'll admit I was slightly scared, but only when other people started shaking it. But man it was beautiful!

Trying to look like as much of a tourist as possible. Nailed it!

What amazed us most is that we were so close to the city but felt like we were miles and miles away.

Are these not the greatest shirts you've ever seen?!

We ended the trip at the Vancouver B.C. LDS Temple. I couldn't have picked a better way to end it.

And then of course me being super excited to be back in 'Merica. 

Then I had to drop Shanna back off at the airport. During this weekend I trained her well on the peace sign pose. 

We had so much fun and decided that we would forever be adventure partners. We laughed, got lost, made lots of Canadian jokes, ate tons of food, had deep conversations and planned out future adventures which include making music video's on the coast of Ireland.  I can't wait for our next adventure Shanna!

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