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Fear is a Funny Thing

Fear. It is just a feeling. It isn't a physical object or a person. Yet somehow this feeling can completely debilitate us. It can leave us unable to function, move forward or make decisions.

I don't know about you but I kind of hate that it has so much power over me. For years I've struggled with the fear of decision making. I've seen it completely leave me unable to make a decision and/or move forward. As my mom calls it, I end up in fetal position.

I get this idea into my head that the decisions I make could ruin my entire life and I've never trusted that I have the ability, when guided by the Spirit, to make the right decision. So you can imagine that pivotal moments in my life are a little harder then for most.

I've been striving to get over this fear for a long time. On Sunday in a moment of fear I was examining every worst case scenario and not being logical in the process, my wonderful mother pointed out that I was coming at this decision from a point of fear and not faith and reminded me of a great talk. I knew she was right. So I decided to examine this point further.

"Faith and hope invite into our lives the sweet peace of conscience for which we all yearn."

AMEN! I mean come on, who doesn't "yearn" for sweet peace. The path to getting it is so simple, yet so hard.

Today, it has been a big week for me in the fear/decision making category, I had to make a presentation to my Board of Directors on basically why they should make me the permanent Executive Director. If there is one thing I don't like it is talking about myself. Not to mention I took a huge blow to my confidence when something big happened at work this morning. Needless to say all the confidence I was feeling leading up to this presentation was gone.

My boyfriend called about 30 minutes before my presentation to see how I was doing and asked me how many times I had prayed that day and if it was enough to stop a flood. I said I can't even count how many times not to mention faith has never been my strong suit. But after I got off the phone what he said triggered something in me and I said another prayer. I asked for my faith to be strengthened as I looked to my Savior, Jesus Christ for guidance and peace.

I wish I could tell you what "sweet peace" I felt. My anxiety left and I was able to really focus on my presentation.

My presentation is over now and I feel like I hit it out of the park! But I'd be ridiculous to think that it was all me. It wasn't. I had been praying all morning, but it wasn't until I focused on faith and looked to Jesus Christ that I was calmed.

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." - John 14:27

That peace is so real, and it only comes in and through Jesus Christ. We live in a loud and scary world, but I can say without a doubt I can be at peace and quiet because of Him. Because of the peace He offers me as I keep my eye on Him. Don't take my word for it though, try it out for yourself.

If you were hoping for some big miraculous experience I don't have one for you. I don't know yet if I have the permanent position and I don't even know if they think I did well. But that being said I'm grateful for the two experiences I've had this week that have helped me recognize that it is through faith, hope and my sights on Jesus Christ that I felt that "sweet peace".

I'd love to hear how you go about calming your fears?

Stay awesome!

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Introducing Kyle & Anjuli Martin

I know I'm only two months late posting this, but I'm posting this and that is all that matters! 

What a happy day this was. My sister Anjuli was remarried to Kyle Martin. I've seen her go through a lot in the past seven years since she has been divorced. Raising three kids on her own with the help of my parents, getting her bachelors degree and then working full-time. She was a rock star through it all and was so blessed to be able to find Kyle. Kyle you'll never really know how grateful our family is that you came into Anjuli's life and made her really truly smile again, and gave the boys a father who would always be there for them and be a good example. Love you guys! 

Now for picture overload!!

The whole Burton clan minus Joy's husband and kids who couldn't make it. We missed you guys!

Did I mention I have the coolest siblings?! This is a statement of fact, not opinion. 

Story behind this picture: Joy, Havalah and I have always loved taking ridiculous Charlie's Angel's pictures, Anjuli has not. So of course we had to take one at the wedding for memory sake. 

Did I mention my niece and nephews have moves?!

It was a hot day but all in all an extremely happy one. I can't tell you the feelings that I had as we sat in the Temple together and watched my sister be sealed to Kyle for time and all eternity. Being there with my whole family and seeing her so happy was more then I could ever ask for. And now as my Dad so kindly reminded me right before the ceremony, it is my turn. 

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Be Clean

Last Sunday I got a call from a member of my Church's leadership asking me to speak at a Conference that we were having the following Sunday. A member of the Seventy, a General Authority or you one of the higher up leaders in my Church was going to be in attendance as well. He said we want you to talk about how you stay clean in an unclean world and you only have five minutes. Boom! If you know me I'm kind of long winded, not to mention speaking about such a loaded topic. But all week long I couldn't stop thinking about that question.....

I really wanted to say something profound. I wanted to say something that everyone would remember. Maybe even something that was quotable. I know really humble right...oh well. But then I realized I didn't have anything profound or new to say. The same simple things keep coming into my mind and they are as about as simple as it gets.

1. Daily prayers
2. Daily scripture study
3. Understanding the consequence of sin
4. Keeping the Sabbath Day holy

I'm sorry guys, nothing new here. But I think that is what makes them so important. So often we push aside the simple things when we want help in this crazy, messed up world. We want some big profound answer when we've been taught the correct answer for as long as we can remember.

Daily Prayer & Scripture Study:

Picture of Scriptures on Table

"Never let a day go by without holding family prayer and scripture study. Put this, the Lord's program, to the test; and see if it does not bless your home with greater peace, hope, love, and faith. I promise you that daily family prayer and scripture study will build within the walls of your home a security and bonding that will enrich your lives and prepare your families to meet the challenges of today and the eternities to come."  - Elder L. Tom Perry

I love this quote about prayer and scripture study. I'm so far from perfect. But one thing I always make sure I do is pray each morning and read my scriptures. Whether it is with my family, on my own, or before I go to bed. It is no secret that the world is getting worse so we need that protection more then ever. I know it is because I do those things that I have an easier time pushing off temptations. 

Understanding the Consequence of Sin:

Kind of a loaded topic and I'll only touch on it briefly but I think too often we talk about repentance, repentance and repentance. Don't get me wrong, I'm not downplaying the importance of it, it is so important! What I'm saying is we don't often talk about what will happen if we do sin, so that we can just avoid the repentance process all together. 

Because I understand the consequence of sin I don't ever have to wake up the next morning wondering what I did the night before. I don't have to worry about getting any crazy diseases. I don't have to worry about getting caught and going to jail. Of course these are all worse case scenarios but I'm grateful that I can live a life that even though I still make mistakes I'm free from the large consequences that could really harm me. 

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy:

This is huge for me, and I even found myself getting emotional as I talked about it in my talk yesterday. I love Sunday. It is hands down my favorite day of the week. Not because I don't have to go to work and not because of the football games that are on (I don't even watch those anyway). But because I get to go to Church, I get to renew my covenants, I get to think of my Savior and build my relationship with him. I get to be rejuvenated for the upcoming week. Readjust my armor and prepare for whatever that week has to throw at me. I've found the Sundays when I ask myself the question "Will this help me draw closer to Christ?" my Sundays are so much better!

Some think that having to go to Church on Sunday takes away from their day off but to them I say going to Church and truly worshiping on the Sabbath Day is the true way to show your Savior and Heavenly Father you are grateful for the six other days he gave you that week and so much more! 

How can you ensure that your behavior on the Sabbath will lead to joy and rejoicing? In addition to your going to church, partaking of the sacrament, and being diligent in your specific call to serve, what other activities would help to make the Sabbath a delight for you? What sign will you give to the Lord to show your love for Him? - President Russell M. Nelson

I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have been blessed to have in my life of how to live a clean and pure life. I by no means am perfect and will continue to strive to be better but I love knowing that I am on a safe and clean path. One where as I continue down it I can become closer with my Savior. If you have any questions about what I've written please comment below or feel free to contact me!

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Canada, Eh?

On June 11th I got off work and I drove to the SEA-TAC Airport and picked up my friend Shanna for our adventure to Vancouver, Canada for the FIFA Women's World Cup! Can I just say it was the most fun I've had in a long time. Shanna and I were constantly laughing. We both just decided that this trip was going to be relaxed and spontaneous and that is exactly what it ended up being. So get ready for picture overload!

The Hostel we stayed in. We were kind of nervous of who our roommates would be but turns out we had no need to be. They were both LDS girls from Salt Lake City. Heavenly Father really loves us!

This is Crazy Eyes, no really that is what he told us his name was. Coolest guy we met all weekend!

We found Aslan in case you were looking for him.

Gotta love the Selfie Stick. 
We checked into our Hostel around 9 pm and then just went and wandered the city. I may not be the biggest Canadian fan but man it was gorgeous! 

Day 2: World Cup games! We may not have been watching USA play but we couldn't help and show our American pride!

We got to go to two games...Switzerland vs. Ecuador and Japan vs. Cameroon. First game was kind of slow because Switzerland destroyed Ecuador, but man Japan vs. Cameroon...I think I almost lost my voice!

There were A&W's on almost every corner so how could we not end the day with a root beer float!

Don't mind the fact that we look like we just woke up, we couldn't not take a picture to document our LDS Salt Lake roomies!

Can you tell we are fond of this pose?

Day 3: Explore - We first went and experienced the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Super cool! I'll admit I was slightly scared, but only when other people started shaking it. But man it was beautiful!

Trying to look like as much of a tourist as possible. Nailed it!

What amazed us most is that we were so close to the city but felt like we were miles and miles away.

Are these not the greatest shirts you've ever seen?!

We ended the trip at the Vancouver B.C. LDS Temple. I couldn't have picked a better way to end it.

And then of course me being super excited to be back in 'Merica. 

Then I had to drop Shanna back off at the airport. During this weekend I trained her well on the peace sign pose. 

We had so much fun and decided that we would forever be adventure partners. We laughed, got lost, made lots of Canadian jokes, ate tons of food, had deep conversations and planned out future adventures which include making music video's on the coast of Ireland.  I can't wait for our next adventure Shanna!

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