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I don't have any super inspiring quote today. I just couldn't find one that really hit me, and I even considered not posting today. But here I am because I have too much to be grateful for to not take the time to write about it. I have had a roller coaster of emotions occur to me this weekend. But I've come out happy because I've looked around, with a little bit of a reminder from family, that I really am blessed. No matter how much my heart breaks, or no matter how big the decision I need to make become, I'm still so blessed.

I'm grateful....

1. For a heart that can love, even when it hurts.

2. For people who believe in my abilities when I don't.

3. For friends who convince me to come hangout and make me laugh!

4. For friends who are always there for me no matter what.

5. For a mother and a sister who are right there to hold me in rough moments.

6. For a barefoot soccer game.

7. For epic ping pong battles.

8. For Netflix and their vast assortment of entertainment, even if it means searching for forever.

9. For multiple naps on a day off.

10. For gratitude and how it helps me live a fuller life.

What are you grateful for this week?

Keep being awesome!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

So I got a Nikon D3200 and since I have no experience I decided to take part in this weekly photo challenge so that I can practice. This week...Enveloped.

My mother and one of her fourteen grandkids. Colby had just scored a goal and was greeted with a big hug from his grandmother. To me this is a perfect example of "Enveloped", being wrapped up by someone you love in a moment of celebration. And let me tell you, this kid takes every chance to be enveloped by his grandma, but what grandkid doesn't.

And look at the way she looks at him. Warms the heart.

What do you think of when you here the word enveloped?

Keep being awesome.

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I saw this idea over at Tristan & Kristin and I am stealing the idea because it is fantastic! Thank you Tristan for the inspiration. You rock!

Four nicknames:
Sunshine, GiGi, Luna, Syria

Four jobs I have had:
Dog Breeder, Receptionist, Intern @ Make-A-Wish Foundation and Event Coordinator

Four movies I have watched more than once:
Remember the Titans, The Proposal, When In Rome, The Grinch (Jim Carrey)
Four things in my purse:
Hi-Chews, Homemade Hand Sanitizer, mini Book of Mormon, wallet

Four books I would recommend:
Harry Potter Series, Unbroken, The Lunar Chronicles, The Invention of Wings

Four places I have visited:
Washington D.C., New York City, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh

Four places I have lived:
Lacey WA, Rexburg ID, Salt Lake City UT, West Richland WA

Four places I'd like to visit:
Istanbul, Thailand, Italy, Boston

Four favorite foods:
Pasta, Potatoes, Pad Thai, Tikki Masala 

Four favorite drinks:
Water, water, water & water :)

Four tv shows:
Psych, Blue Bloods, The Amazing Race, Shark Tank

Four things I'm looking forward to in 2015:
Going to Canada for the Women's World Cup, seeing my sister get married, traveling somewhere new, mastering photography and longboarding

Keep being awesome!

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#thankfultuesday - Thankful People Are Happy

It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.

I don't know about you but I really want to be happy. I started this series back in October on a whim because of a status I saw on Facebook. I've missed a few weeks here and there. But overall it has made a huge difference in my attitude. I've been much happier in my daily life as I take the time to write down what I'm grateful for. 

Something I highly recommend is a gratitude journal. I have one next to my bed and I try to write in it a couple times a week. Especially on those days where you feel like nothing went right. It forces you to look and see the good things that are happening, even if those things are really small. Do you have a gratitude journal?

I'm grateful....

1. For the 42 kids who showed up to my choir practice on Sunday and worked really hard to learn the song we will be performing.

2. For the new soccer team I'm on, even if it means I can't walk a few days out of the week.

3. For summer dresses and sandals. I might just make my whole closet dresses and sandals.

4. For inspiration. It helps me learn and grow.

5. For my friend who sent me a brand new long board!!!

6. For my Mother who comes to my choir practice even if I only need help for about five minutes of it.

7. For my friends who turn to me for help. It amazes me that they trust me with their struggles.

8. For lunch breaks that turn into naps at the park.

9. For my new camera!! (Photo challenge posts coming soon!!)

10. That I've learned to be grateful. It has changed my life.

What are you grateful for this week?

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Finding Joy in the Journey - Let Why Lead

I'm so excited to introduce to you this week in Finding Joy in the Journey, Erica from Let Why Lead. Erica writes one of the most thought provoking and inspiring blog. I consider her a mentor and an example. I hope you'll love her words as much as I do.... 

There's this moment sometimes. When you're exploring.
When you pull your car off and park on the side of a road just because you saw something cool. It wasn't planned, and it probably couldn't be recreated. Not just because of what happened but because of how you felt.
This happened to my family not too long ago, when we were on our way to a quiet apple orchard, with visions of apple pie baking in the oven later that night.
Suddenly we saw a flight of stairs carved into the cliffs and knew we had to stop. My husband, three kids and I picked our way down a beautiful path and then scampered over the rocks until we reached the water.
I started arf-arf-ing at the seals we could see on the rocks in the distance. (Because, I'm silly now.) Apparently I have a way with marine life, because several flopped off their rocks, and within minutes, we had about eight seals putting on a show, heads bobbing and fins flapping just yards in front of us.
Wholehearted Living: Eyes and Hearts Open
If the whole experience magically happened to us again tomorrow, it most likely wouldn't feel the same.
It's that first-time, unplanned rush that you get when you explore. It's the feeling of being outside of time.
But there are other ways to capture this same feeling, this sense of being lost in play.
Think of how you felt when you saw your sister sprint down a field and score the winning goal.
Or when you stepped off your front porch in the early morning light—the whole neighborhood as quiet as the inside of your home—and headed out on a walk.
How about the last time you realized that you and a friend had been talking much longer than you planned. 
Those moments—that rush—is there. It's the joy in the journey. We just have to keep hearts and eyes wide open.
erica layne and family / profile
Erica Layne writes Let Why Lead, a place for purposeful women. For regular reminders to step back and see the big picture of your life, connect with her on FacebookPinterest or at

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#thankfultuesday - How Good Things Really Are

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.

I don't know about you but I sure do want to feel joy all the time. Not just happiness, but pure pure joy. So instead of looking at how hard life is or how bad life is lets "allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are". We are going to be a bunch of joyful people and no one will be able to handle it!

I'm grateful for....

1. New friends.

2. Soccer two times in one week. And one of those times I was barefoot! 

3. A fantastic choir of youth that I get to be the director of.

4. An awesome sister and her fiancee who will go see Avengers 2 with me. Guy's it was fantastic!

5. Pedicures with my mom and grandma.

6. Will power that gets me out of the bed in the morning.

7. The fact that even though I dropped my phone in the toilet it still works. Seriously guys, MIRACLE!

8. Peanut Butter Mood with extra bananas from Jamba Juice on a warm day. 

9. A loving Heavenly Father who cares enough about me to help me make the big decisions in life through the Holy Ghost. 

10. Summertime jam sessions in the car, by myself, singing at the top of my lungs!

11. And because it is Cinco De Mayo...street taco's. I really love them!

What are you grateful for?

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Finding Joy in the Journey - Elise's Pieces

Everyone meet Elise. She is pretty dang awesome and super fun to follow on Instagram. She hails from Elise's Pieces. She has had some different struggles in life, like we all have, but she has such a great attitude about how to get through them and coming out on top. Enjoy!

A photo posted by Elise Frederickson (@eliseypants) on

When people ask what my blog is about, I always stumble over what to say... "uhm my life? sometimes church. sometimes doodling... I whine about dating?" Here's the truth though: my blog IS about life. Because sometimes church, sometimes doodling, and sometimes dating is, in fact, my life. One of my favorite things to write about is trials. I think a lot of the reason why is because writing about the challenges I'm going through in a way that is hopefully beneficial for someone else to read helps me to look at my challenges from a different perspective - one that helps me heal.

About a year ago, I wrote this post about trials. It was a particularly tough time in my life. I was eating poorly, losing a lot of weight, my sleeping schedule was not good, work was hard, and I just wanted to cry all the time. I grasped onto everything happy and hopeful for dear life. Figuring out how to ask for help was a battle in itself because a lot of what I was going through surrounded some dating stress that involved someone else's personal story and some feelings of my own that I didn't know how to process/wasn't ready to share with the people around me.

It's pretty cool to look back on that post now and see where I'm at a year later. How I healed from the tough things happening in my life then and how that helped me with tough things in my life now. I've come to believe that trials and challenges are a pretty important part of life. Looking back, I know I really grew in those harder moments. And I'm grateful for it now. I think the secret to life might have a lot to do with learning how to find joy during those challenging moments and recognizing how much good is always there, even in the hurt and the sorrow.

The Logan Temple is one of my favorite places to go when I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Even just sitting in the parking lot helps me feel peace. Something about staring at this beautiful, castle-like building helps soothe my fears and calm my worries. One particularly stressful day, I stopped outside the temple for some peace. There were raindrops collecting on my window and I started taking pictures through the raindrops. Then, this picture happened and was worth 1000 words that I needed to learn/hear/feel that day.

The beauty of looking back is perspective. With a little perspective, it's easier to pick out the joy among the sorrow. It's easier to focus a little bit less on the hurt and a little more on the healing. I'm slowly learning that I don't have to look back to do that. Sometimes all it takes is stepping back. Because in reality, life is actually really good. 

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