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Before I go all deep on you...Did any of you think of Zenon (The Girl of the 21st Century) when you read that title? Because that is all I could think of when I was writing it out, in fact now I'm singing it in my head. And little did I know that Zenon was going to relate to my post #believeit.

I'm 25. I turn 26 in September. I swear I turned 25 yesterday. (Do you remember this?) Not technically old but I'm in that phase of life where I feel really old. Life is going by so dang fast. I can't handle it. Just when I think I've finally got a handle on things I look up and a month has gone by. 

I feel like it was yesterday that I was just a kid loving on Disney Channel and Zenon (told you I would tie her in). Oh and don't forget Even Stevens. Best. Disney. Show. Ever. My biggest worries were if I was going to score a goal in my soccer game and get ice cream. Or if I was going to get to go on a cool vacation for Spring Break.

 And now I'm an adult. I have an adult job. I own my second car. I pay adult bills. I'm making adult decisions on the daily. I hate it. Well okay hate is a strong word, I don't hate it, but it sure does scare me. I feel like I'm going to wake up tomorrow and I'm going to be 40 and wonder what has happened in my life. 

Last night my dad expressed concern that I wasn't happy. That I have the whole world ahead of me and I'm not happy. I realized he was right...well not exactly. I am happy, and I swear I'm not just saying it to appease him. I am. I've just been complaining a lot lately and I can see how it would appear to him that I'm not. 

But today I've realized the real problem. 

Life is going so fast and I can't handle it. Everyone says you have your whole life ahead of you. But I don't want to live that life just yet. I want to enjoy life right now. I want to enjoy today. I want to just soak up the sun while I read my book during my lunch breaks and not be worried about anything else. 

My current goal: Live in the moment. Live for today because whether I want it to or not tomorrow will come. 

How do you live in the moment? How do you slow down life?

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