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#thankfultuesday - Stop and Thank

We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. - John F. Kennedy

I'm not so great at this. You'd think with my stock pile of thank you notes I would be, but I'm not. And I want to be better. Just as with everything else in our lives the more we thank those who make a difference in our lives the more they will mean to us, the more it will strengthen our relationship with them. Not to mention how much the person you are thanking will appreciate it. 

I'm grateful....

1. That I have tan lines!!! Guy's this is no joke, it has been so sunny and warm this weekend that I got tan!!

2. That it was basically 70 all weekend!

3. That I've finally have some good things to work towards.

4. For the fact that I haven't worn anything but sandals since Saturday. 

5. That I had the time to sit and write in my journal Sunday night.

6. That I get to teach the most amazing group of youth every single Sunday. They are so fantastic, and they have such a strong desire to learn.

7. That I finally did a good shaving job this morning...seriously guys I'm always in a hurry and miss a spot HA!

8. That I'm finally getting better at keeping my mouth shut. Slowly, very slowly. But I always seem to share my opinion where it isn't needed and I'm getting better and staying quiet. 

9. For my mind. When I get it going it really is quiet powerful how hard I can push myself.

10. For the dream I had this morning about how I woke up early to do yoga. That is one step closer to actually waking up early to do yoga right?

What are you grateful for this week?

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