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I've been a little MIA haven't I? Life just gets carried away and all I seem to share is inspirational posts. You probably think I'm like this walking inspirerer (Is that a word? Oh well.). But I'm not. I do go and have fun sometimes too. Here is what has been happening the past month or so. Sorry if you follow me on Instagram and some of these pics are repeats. #sorrynotsorry

Picture of passport pictures and Costco card

I got my first Costco card and pictures for a Passport. I'm feeling all grown up and all I can hear in my head is "I'm a big kid now". I'm going to Canada in June for the Women's World Cup and then hopefully some internationally adventures this fall!

Utah vs. Georgetown - March Madness 
went to March Madness for the first time. Definitely a bucket list item so that was awesome. Two games, four hours, lots of basketball!

And my 14th niece was born! Penelope Melinda Turner. Guy's she is the cutest little thing ever. Now I have five nieces and nine nephews and one niece/nephew coming this fall. Big families rock!

Speaking of nieces and nephews. This is my oldest nephew Colin. He turns 12 in November and I'm freaking out just a little bit. Do you see how tall he is?! He rocked his orchestra concert!

Mariners vs. Angels
Now get ready for Mariner game picture overload. I convinced a few friends to accompany me to the 2nd game of the season. We may have lost but man it was a good time. It feels so good to be back and I'm ready for a spring, summer and hopefully fall full of Mariners Baseball!

Safeco Field

Mariners vs. Angels
 Is that not just beautiful?! One of my favorite views!
We got huge Brat's. They were delicious. End of story. Mariners vs. Angels

Mariners vs. Angels

We attempted to rally, but alas we did not succeed. This is Katie. She is really cool, but is leaving to head back to college in a few weeks. Lame!

Now back to life.......stay awesome!

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