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Introducing to you......

If you follow me on Instagram you know that my Mom and mine dog, Sunshine, passed away about 2 months ago from Cancer. She was a great dog and it was so hard for me. But my mom and I convinced my Dad that we could get another big dog to help protect the house (we live in the country). So with that short explanation I get the please of introducing to you the next chapter in our life of big dogs....Zoey Burton. Eat your heart out.

We are basically best buds. She is the cutest thing ever and so much fun. I can't wait for her to get bigger!

And in other news I went to this "semi-formal" dance on Saturday night with a bunch of friends. We got all dressed up and danced and busted a move or two.

And in the meantime work is crazy. People dropping out of events last minute, other people getting mad at me for their own incompetence. But it is okay because I'm blowing the goals out of the water!

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