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Finding Joy in the Journey - Coming Up Roses

Everyone meet Erica!! I'm really excited to introduce Erica from Coming Up Roses as a part of my Finding Joy in the Journey series. I've never met her in person but I'm convinced if I did we'd be best friends. Full of motivation and a positive attitude. You'll love what she has to say about finding joy!

Sierra is a total ray of sunshine, isn’t she? I absolutely love her blog, because it’s such a hub for positivity and light. She’s my constant reminder to count my blessings and have a grateful heart throughout the everyday mundanities and routines in life. So when she asked me to stop by and chat about finding joy in the journey – I couldn’t say no.

So first, I’m going to backtrack myself and talk about the words “mundanities” and “routines.” Cutting right to the chase, we all have them. We have those things that just have to happen on an everyday basis, and they have that tendency to make us sigh, counting down the hours minutes to wine time.
But I don’t like that.
I like to think that it’s possible to fill each day with moments of joy, no matter how small, to brighten up otherwise lackluster Mondays and Tuesdays. When I’m not blogging it out or vlogging it up for Coming Up Roses – or being a Wharton student or bride-to-be – I’m probably doing any of these ____ things to make the most out of life, relax, and get happy.
1.     Literally breathe. Preferably fresh air, even more preferably near something beautiful. Flowers or nice trees will suffice.
2.     Stop everything and make yourself a cup of your favorite hot tea or coffee. For me, there is absolutely nothing a little Celestial Seasonings’ Sleepytime Peach can’t cure distract me from, if for a moment.
3.     Always have a fresh manicure. When you have to gracefully respond to a ridiculous email or phone call, you’ll thank me.
4.     Always have a goal you’re working towards. You’ll likely never be “bored” again!
5.     Speaking of “bored,” eliminate it from your vocabulary. In moments of nothing-to-do-ness, have a go-to relaxation tactic, a go-to friend to reach out to, and a go-to project that you can rotate between until your life feels more balanced again.
6.     Tweeze your eyebrows. Am I the only one who judges the togetherness of my own life by the status of my brows? Crazy and wild means I’m probably having a tough time and feeling overwhelmed. Freshly plucked means I’m either on top of the world, or I bombed an exam and needed a major pick-me-up.
7.     Create a folder on your computer for when you need faith in yourself. Mine is aptly titled, “For when you need faith in yourself.” There, I screenshot any messages, emails or pictures that are targeted to me and provide a little confidence booster. No matter how small, you’ll be so happy to have it when it’s your against the world.
8.     When all else fails, get a cat.

I’m going to stop while I’m ahead, since getting a cat is obviously an A+ life decision. In the end (and by end I mean everyday life), get back to the things that mean the most to you. Worry less, laugh more, spread kindness wherever you go and always work to leave the world a little brighter. You never know the length of your journey – so just make every step count.

Special thanks again to Sierra for letting me stop by! I’d love for you to share your journeys and tips for everyday joy with me over on my blog…say hi here, here, here and here, and beyond.

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