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Dear Hollywood

I love chick-flicks just as much as the average girl. Especially rom-com's! Some are hilarious, some are just heart warming. As humans we love, love. Especially girls. We love to watch sappy love stories. I've always known they are pretty unrealistic. But really though, that is why we love them!

The cover for the movie The Proposal
One of my favorites!!

The other night after a chick-flick binge over the past few weeks I decided I had enough! No, I don't mean enough watching them because let's be honest here, that isn't going to happen. Ha! I've had enough of nights laying in bed wondering, even though I know its unrealistic, "can a person really fall in love that fast?" and then remind myself I'm being ridiculous. Was that too honest?! Oops.

I'd like to start a petition to Hollywood to make a rom-com that is realistic!!!

Guy meets girl, over a month or two the guy tries to get the girls attention. The girl secretly is interested in the guy but can't read him. You know the story. We've all lived the story at least once in one of our relationships. How about best friends for years, timing just never was on their side, until one day.....Or just the regular they met went on dates over a month or so and slowly it just clicked.

Okay this post isn't me writing my own chick flick but seriously Hollywood, could you please just make one realistic chick flick. Is that too much to ask?! If you'd like to use my life, because it would be a great rom-com, you're more then welcome to.

I'm going to get serious for a second here. And no, I'm not saying chick flicks are the cause for so many of us being single, or divorce rates. But I'm sure they don't help. We watch these and we find ourselves thinking, just like I did, "I want a story like that". We start to convince ourselves he doesn't really like/love us unless he does big romantic gestures like in the movies. Unless he walks into my office and tells me how much he loves me in front of all my co-workers (The Proposal anyone?? So funny!).

I've been blessed with great parents, leaders and siblings in my life who have showed me what a real relationship, a great relationship, looks like. I've also been in great relationships. No, they didn't work out but that doesn't mean they weren't good. That doesn't mean I didn't learn how real relationships look.

Yes, I have weak moments where I think those ridiculous things after watching a chick-flick. But I'm always able to bring myself back to reality because I've been taught correct principles. I've been taught it's about love, service, kindness, laughing, caring, selflessness etc.

True love takes time, it doesn't just happen. You have to work at it. Yes, initially you can really like a person just from spending time with them, but that won't last unless you work at it and help that love to grow.

And now I think it is time for someone to make a movie that teaches those exact things. Please and thank you!

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  1. I had the awkward first date with my boyfriend, which even ended with the "do we hug or not?" strange dance where you kind hug but then don't but then pat each other on the back and walk away. Man it was terrible. After he got out of eye shot I basically fell onto the grass (i was in a park) and just laid there lamenting the situation. But, low and behold, we went out on a another date and now, a year and half later, we live together in harmony haha! So I also want to join your petition for realistic rom-com movies!!!!

  2. haha i love this. i bet if they made a realistic rom-com it would be so boring haha.

    1. Oh but Emily, if they made it after my life it would be hilarious!

  3. Hey! So we connected when I took over The Peony Project's insta the other day, and since you're a PNW blogger I wanted to invite you to our meet and greet that's in two weeks in Seattle! It's on Saturday the 28th, and we're doing the Taste of Pike's Place tour followed by dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. You can find out some more details here:

    I'd love to meet you! And it'd be nice to have another LDS member around, haha :)

    1. Oh this would be great! I'm not sure if I can swing it but I'm going to try. Thank you for the invite!!

  4. YES. Amen, sistah. I'm right there with ya loving chick flicks, but MAN they're so unrealistic! When you become the star of the first reality romcom, I'm coming to the premiere!


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